Union Kitchen & Tap 

1108 S. Coast Hwy. 101  |  Neighborhood: Encinitas  |  (760) 230-2337  |  LocalUnion101.com

When you roll into Union Kitchen & Tap, you are greeted by a large casual lounge with high tables right in front of their large bar. Then you realize that there are two more dining areas. The Dart Room left of the bar offers a cozy casual dining experience, and the Oak Room on the opposite side is quieter, which accents all your fine-dining needs. The reclaimed wood accents and modern furnishings really make this gem stand out. The warehouse style bar that opens up to the streets really provides a unique industrial appeal.


Cheese Board
(spiced pecans, grain mustard, stone fruit chutney, burned honey, honey maple syrup)

It’s a rotating selection of cheeses by chef’s choice as well as housemade candied pecans, Peruvian sweet hot peppers, dried fig, apple and crustinis. Today, it came with Sage Derby, Humboldt Fog and Manchego. This plate covers every taste bud. I feel like I am fine dining in a great casual atmosphere. The tangy peppers with a hint of spice goes super smooth against honey maple syrup with the Manchego. It’s like you can create a different taste with every bite you put together. It brings all the senses together.

Paired with: White Sangria
(Don Julio Reposado, cilantro, raspberry, lemon)

Cilantro in a drink? Yes! It helps enhance all of the flavors of the cheese board. Just like the cheese board, the drink has a little bit of everything. Plus, they use Don Julio, DON JULIO!

Beef Belly Sliders
(Smoked beef belly, sweet onion slaw, KC Masterpiece Barbecue Sauce, served with Kennebec frites)

What’s beef belly? Take pork belly minus all of the fat but without losing any of the flavor. Next time somebody asks you what’s your beef? Say it’s belly sir, beef belly. They say don’t mess with Texas but with these bad boys you’re definitely going to get messy with Texas. The juicy smoked shredded meat with the barbecue sauce and a gob of slaw on top will leave a stained smile on your face.

Paired with: End of Days
(Montelobos Mezcal, mango, ancho chili)

Me likey a little Mex anytime I’m having a little Tex. In walks the end of days. The smokey mescal goes perfectly with the smokey beef belly. Mex and Tex, I can’t quit you!


Social Hour

3-6 p.m. Monday-Friday
(ALL night Mondays)
$5 draft beers
$6 wines
$2 off craft cocktails
$10 flatbreads

Salads, sides, and Union favorites all priced to make your pocket feel happy and your mouth feel happier

Union After Hours

10 p.m.-close Sunday-Thursday:
$5 beers
$5 house wines
$10 flatbreads

Uncorked Wednesday

Half off ALL bottles of wine ALL DAY

Weekend Warm Up

6 p.m.-close every Thursday $5 Mules & Beers

Cellar List Sunday

5-10 p.m. every Sunday: Half off all cellar wine

Prosciutto Flatbread
(Farm egg, prosciutto, Burrata, rocket)

I first figured out the wonders of a fresh egg when my friend was raising chickens. I first thought something was wrong because the yolk was so colorful, bubbly and buttery. Then I found out that that’s how nature intended for it to look and taste. You’ll find those great buttery yolks without the whites all over this flatbread. When the yolks break and you bite in, it smoothes out the delicious savoriness of the prosciutto.

Paired with: Pacific Classic
(Nolet’s, cucumber, lemon, salt, black pepper)

This light peppery drink cleanses your palate while diving into the uber richness of the Prosciutto Flatbread. It’s like eating ginger between sushi bites. It cleans it so the next bite is another flavor explosion.

Wagyu Steak Frites
(Wagyu sirloin, chimichurri, Kennebec frites, A-1 Aioli)

This sirloin tastes more like a filet. The fact that it’s Wagyu, it takes every cut and takes it to the next level. It doesn’t need a bit of sauce but then you slide it across the chimichurri sauce and it’s just pure love. It doesn’t stop there. The Kennebec frites are covered in an A-1 Aioli. What? I am the self proclaimed king of sauce and I’ve never even thought of this combination. I love anything mayo based so I’m definitely a fan. If you want to impress your date or just your own mouth, this is definitely the way to go.

Paired with: The Beufort
(Dickel Barrel Reserve, apricot, sage)

When you’re sitting down to enjoy a great adult meal, what do you turn to? A great adult beverage. Everyone loves a great burger with a great beer. Now enjoy an excellent meal with an excellent cocktail. You’re all grown up now!

Social hour at the Union Kitchen & Tap will have you rubbing elbows with an eclectic group of locals and people from beyond. This joint has something for everyone so whomever you are or whatever you like, you will fit in and enjoy yourself with good food, good drinks and good company.