San Diego Connection:

Being in the Navy, my dad got stationed in SD; of my siblings, I was the only one born and raised in SD.

Student and residential house specialist

Volunteering at the veteran’s home, taking part in various charity events (walks, tabling/promoting), amusement-park hopping, staying in and catching up on shows, scrapbooking, exploring everything and anything from malls to beaches

Outdoor activities:
They change from time to time because I love trying new things and sightseeing. But thanks to my friends, I am currently taking up archery, surfing and hiking.

Favorite food:
I’m a light eater, so I love salads. 

Favorite libation:
Beers and Mai Tais

Growing up:
I’m the fourth out of five children and the youngest daughter. Being closer in age than the rest of our siblings, I was always closer to my little brother even though we’ve had our fair share of fights. I was raised by my amazing Nanay and Tatay (my grandparents) whom I love to death. Despite being a troublemaker and complete nuisance as a child, my awesome grandparents, along with my parents, aunts and uncles, have been nothing but incredibly wonderful to me while growing up.

I am currently an undergraduate student at SDSU, working on my B.S. degree in Health Science, with an emphasis on Public Health. After receiving my degree, I hope to intern and ultimately work for an organization that focuses on geriatric patients.

Lately, my passion has been makeup and archery, two entirely different things. My cousins, who are basically like sisters to me, got me into makeup and now I have drawers upon drawers of different types of makeup! Aside from that, I love traveling! I haven’t been to many places, but every place and experience from France to the Philippines have been entirely memorable.