Tara Johnson

San Diego Connection: I came to visit a few years back. I decided to move to San Diego because there are a lot more creative outlets here compared to Boston. So I saved up my money, and now I’m here.

Profession: Founder of TAB Custom Design, a small independent clothing line for women (www.tabcustomdesign.com).

Hobbies: Sewing and design. Creative writing; I write non-fiction short stories. I’m a blogger and editor for The Art Elephant and hopefully soon with 4L Magazine.

Outdoor activities: Swimming, road biking, hiking, surfing and running

Favorite food: Swedish oven pancake; it’s like a baked pancake … after all, my heritage is Swedish. Also sushi and, yes, I eat raw fish … fo’ sho’.

Favorite libation: Jameson, Bulleit Rye and a proper Old Fashioned, of course.

Growing up: I’m from New England, grew up in Massachusetts. I have a younger sister and an older brother; yes, I am a middle child. I spent a lot of time in the woods and doing outdoor activities with my family. We went skiing, snowboarding, swimming and spent a lot of time on the Cape in the summer. My dad is a music lover so I grew up listening to the oldies. My mom is a super Type A personality, so I got my strength and independence from her.

Career: I was a local news reporter on the East Coast. I also worked for Time magazine. When I got to Southern California, I wanted to move away from hard news to creative writing. So I started exploring the different side of publishing.

TAB is a hobby I started with my sister with little projects, but we decided to turn it into a brand so we’re working on it today. She still lives on the East Coast, but we have runway shows on both sides. It really keeps us connected and we hope to see it turn into a great brand some day.

Passion: I’m passionate about where I am in life right now. I didn’t know anybody when I first moved out here, but now I have networked with a lot of photographers, make-up artists, graphic designers, hairstylists and more. I’m eager to collaborate with everybody so that we can all help each other to succeed and do what we are truly passionate about.