Neighborhood Tender

ORIGIN: Long Beach, moved here about a year ago because I heard a lot of great things about San Diego. I left my office job because I wasn’t meeting enough interesting people.

CREDENTIALS: I started serving at the Yard House and I moved up to bartending at the Neighborhood.

SHIFTS: Randomly four days a week.

WORDS OF WISDOM: Please and thank you gets you everywhere in life … and read the flippin’ draft list!

SIGNATURE DRINK: Tequila and Mezcal

As soon as you sit down, you can tell how passionate the staff is about beer. I overheard a discussion about what the perfect amount of head on a pint of Pliny the Elder. People here are fun and don’t take themselves too seriously like the do their beer. One day if you’re lucky enough, you’ll discover their little secret. In the meantime, sit back, relax, eat, and drink.


Balls Deep In Cider (Julian Hard Cider with a shot of Neighborhood home made spice cinnamon whiskey)

It’s spicy, delicious, and a good time. It’s like a warm Christmasy pie. Next time you want to go deep, go Balls Deep In Cider.

Jack N Juice (Jack Daniels with fresh cold press of pear, pineapple, and ginger juice from Juice)

I say that drinks are refreshing all the time but this guy truly embodies it. Maybe it’s because I’m hung over but it’s making me feel effervescent.

Pliny the Elder (Russian River)

They get it twice a month! If you never had this beer icon, you must because you will know what all the hype is about. It sets the standard for IPA. It’s truly a craft beer. They don’t just throw in a bunch of hops that mask the taste.

History: I was born and raised in the LBC. Went through the whole school system, went to Long Beach Poly where Snoop Dogg and Cameron Diaz attended. Both my parents are dentists and small business owners. My dad retired and started his own tequila called Marquez De Valencia.


01  When you get hit on while your working, how do you let them down easy?

Stephanie: I smile, thank them, and tell them they can always meet me here when I’m working.

02 What’s the most interesting thing that’s happened here at the Neighborhood?

When we tapped Pliny the Younger and the Elder at the same time. It was standing room only and we tapped out in an hour and a half.  Sadly, some people were chugging instead of enjoying.

03  What do you consider sexy?

Intelligence, killer sarcasm, and not giving a shit.

04  If there was a sliding scale of 10 with intelligence and looks, what number would you pick for each?

8 intelligence, 2 looks.  I’ve dating some ugs but at least they keep me entertained and laughing. Boredom is not a burden that anybody should bear.

05  What do you love about the Neighborhood?

The staff. I feel like all the stars aligned and they selected the most bad ass people who love serving, learning, and drinking beer.

The Joint

Neighborhood set out to counter the dominance of Crap Beer in the local social, and dining landscape. As a pioneer in the proliferation of San Diego’s “gastropub culture”, Neighborhood fights the perception of what a beer establishment can and should be – successfully combining quality beer, locally sourced food, and intelligent design.


777 G St, San Diego  //  Neighborhood: Gaslamp

(619) 446-0002