By Bridget Najour

It may feel like we are in an endless summer, but snowboard season is fast approaching. Real or manmade, the snow will be on the mountains soon. While you were sitting in your underwear in front of an open refrigerator, we were out scouring the hottest trends for the cold. It’s time to gear up with some new gear.

Gone are the days of puffy jackets and baggy overalls. This season fashion meets function with these streetwear-inspired styles.

Lightweight Protection
Dubbed the “shacket,” this hybrid trend combines the protection of a jacket with the lightweight flexibility of a shirt. With a waterproof shell fabric and lightweight fleece, this style is perfect for snowboarding in warmer weather. Expect to see this style all over Mountain High.

Slim-Fit Pants
Popularized by pros like Shaun White, slim fit snow pants seems like a no brainer for those who want the freedom to grab, flip or slide. Agility meets comfort with these tailored trunks. Available in styles like denim and khaki, so you can step off the board and into a bar. No wardrobe change required.

These Boots Were Made for Boardin’
With brands like Adidas and DC bringing their styles to the market, snowboard boots were bound (pun intended) to take a turn for the fashionable. Nike’s Vapen boots mimic the look of their streetwear counterparts, but don’t be fooled by appearances—these boots are tough! The 2015 lineup is full of sleek and sturdy designs, built to give you equal parts support and flexibility.

There are three components to look for in the perfect goggles: comfort, style and visibility. If you value how you look as much as how you see, check out these trends that are lending themselves to both safety and style.

01 Quick-Change Technology
Though the technology isn’t new, it just keeps getting better and better with each passing season. From magnetic strips to zip-lock style seals, companies have found innovative ways to integrate this technology. Quick-change technology allows you to adjust to the perfect lenses for every condition.

02 Oversized Lenses
Who knew increased visibility would lend itself to style? Frameless, oversized lenses have become the standard in almost every snowboard line this season. The panoramic view of the mountain you’re shredding is pretty nice, too.

03 Helmet Compatibility
Safety first. Brands are making a particularly strong push to perfect the integration between their helmets and goggles, so consumers will be compelled to purchase both together, or show brand loyalty when adding  the second item.

Satisfy all three with a pair of Smith I/07 goggles. Rimless, ventilated lenses, anti-fog technology and riggers that adjust to your helmet style, these versatile goggles are perfect for skiers and boarders alike. Plus, they are available in more than a dozen badass designs.

Life’s tough–get a helmet!

Safety gear has never looked so snazzy.
Keep a low profile with the newest trend in snowboarding helmets. Step it up a notch with Sandbox’s 2015 Classic Snow line, offering a short brim, goggle clips and removable audio-equipped earflaps.

Protect the Money Maker
There are few harsher environments for your face than Mother Nature when you’re shredding down the mountain. For function, go with Nike’s hoodie with built in face mask. For fun, pick up one of Neff’s novelty face masks including “The Beard,” complete with faux facial hair.