San Diego Connection: My dad is from Jersey and my mom is from Kentucky. They both happened to move to Pacific Beach after college, which is where they met and got married. I’ve lived here my entire life.

Zodiac sign: Leo

Profession: Bartender/server at the Lumberyard Tavern in Encinitas

Hobbies: Yoga, traveling, baking, cooking, reading cookbooks, meeting up with friends and enjoying adult beverages.

Outdoor activities: Going to the beach, bike rides through random neighborhoods I’ve never been in and hiking all around San Diego.

Favorite food: Beer, a citrus IPA. If I’m not in a beer mood then a Pinot noir.

Favorite libation: Old Fashioned … basically anything whiskey. … I bleed Jameson. Give me a bottle of Irish whiskey over roses and I’ll forever be yours.

Growing up: I have a younger sister and an older brother; I am the forgotten middle child. I have the same friends I’ve known since kindergarten. My parents took us around the world for a year when we were younger. That has definitely shaped who I am today.

Career: I am looking forward to having a couple of kids and raising them. Wherever I am in life, I want my family and I to be happy.

Passion: I want to continue to travel. I’ve already been to 50 different countries. A wise old man once told me to keep the number of countries I’ve visited higher than my age so I am ahead of the curve. I’d like to travel to Southeast Asia, Cambodia, Burma, Thailand, etc.