The brain child of Chef Marina Cook, Remedy provides a deliciously innovative solution to the daily problem of eating healthy in a busy world. Now, instead of stressing about what to make for dinner, or what to pack for lunch, members can receive 100% organic meal deliveries right to their door! Remedy’s philosophy is to bring home the same kind of quality food and innovative recipe creations that are served at leading organic and locally-sourced restaurants.

Members receive a weekly menu each Wednesday with a line-up of six dinners and six lunch selections. With a few easy clicks, irresistible meals are delivered to their door the following Monday and Thursday. Remedy welcomes special requests, including personal preferences and dietary restrictions. Remedy’s goal is to make busy lives deliciously easier.

Getting started with Remedy is simple. Customers begin by filling out one form, which includes their contact information and any special needs and preferences they have, to assure that Remedy’s chefs create meals that amaze even the pickiest eaters would enjoy. After a Remedy team member gets in contact to set up payment information, a whole new world of health and convenience begins!

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