Evotek — accompanied by business partners, friends and family—continues to search San Diego for the latest and greatest selection of craft beers. They are on a quest to find the best beer and atmosphere San Diego brewers have to offer.

EvoTek is making their way through San Diego on their Pursuit of Hoppiness. This month’s stop was Ballast Point Brewing Co. in Miramar. After the rave success of their first event in January, this Pursuit of Hoppiness did not disappoint. With more than 120 IT professionals flooding Ballast Point’s private-party room, there was never a beer that fell below half consumed before the next one was poured.

The event was just shy of true March Madness; all guests had free rein to taste and try every beer on tap. By the end of the night, the unanimous crowd favorite, Grapefruit Sculpin Nitro (10% ABV) had everyone swimming. It wasn’t just about the beer that night though, delicious pub appetizers, including Shrimp Cocktail and Pretzel Bites, were shared by all. The party continued long past last call as guests took advantage of the intimate bar lounge and outside fireplace deck.

Pursuit of Hoppiness continues to be immensely successful due in part to all the generous sponsors who support EvoTek. This premier IT networking event is only going to get bigger and better, don’t miss out on the next one!

pursuit of hoppiness

9045 Carroll Way, San Diego  |  Neighborhood: Miramar  |  Offices: (858) 790-6900
Restaurant: (858) 790-6901  |  BallastPoint.com

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They specialize in customizing IT solutions for customers at all levels. For those who have not yet fully developed a formal IT strategy or road map, EVOTEK will help them develop a Data Center plan that is in alignment with their business objectives.

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