Mother Earth Brew Co.
2055 Thibodo Road, Suite H, Vista (760) 599-4225  |  206 Main Street, Vista  (760) 726-2273

By Jeremy Pritchard

I have always enjoyed my conversations with Mother Earth Brewing Co. founder Daniel Love. On this particular day I was greeted with the question, “Who decided to make Boltman the official mascot of the Chargers? You’d think the mascot would be the horse on the logo!” Daniel is a San Diegan through and through, and in his 30-plus years in North County he’s seen his fair share, although it hasn’t always been sunshine and craft beer.

The Mother Earth story begins at the end of Daniel’s gig as a national sales manager for a major cellular provider that had recently merged with another company (I won’t name names). At that point he realized the new regime’s ideologies didn’t match his own and while coming up on his 50s, Daniel decided it was time to reinvent.

One of the perks of living off the corporate teat is travel. Daniel used corporate trips to established beer cities like Portland, Denver and Boston to study and examine the cultures. The final catalyst that kicked off his brewing carrier was at the 2008 Great American Beer Fest, when by chance Daniel met former Stone Head Brewer Lee Chase. After that meeting the two spent the next 18 months formulating a business plan to develop a brewery/homebrew store.

Like all smart men, once a plan was in place Daniel asked his wife’s permission to use their 401k savings to fund the brewery, and Mother Earth was born in Vista at 2055 Thibodo Road, Suite H. After that Lee, Daniel and stepson Kamron Khannakhjavani spent a majority of their time brewing and tasting recipes in Daniel’s garage. Like two giddy schoolgirls Daniel and Kamron stood around Lee Chase as if he were a teen idol while they worked out Mother Earth’s future core beers. It all started with homebrewing and that is why you can buy clone kits of all Mother Earth beers at their homebrew shop.

You’d have to believe that they did something right: After Mother Earth’s opening they were immediately welcomed by the North County craft beer community, so much so that the homebrew store and tasting room were expanded and moved to downtown Vista. I was curious why Daniel picked that location (206 Main St., Vista) over a spot that was more San Diego-centric. He answered that he wanted to change the culture in downtown Vista. “Since the late ‘70s that area has always been ready to pop,” he explained. So, when the city’s Development Services Department came knocking, Daniel knew it was time.

It was also time a year and a half ago for Daniel to give up the reins as head brewer. “Tweak it and make it better,” Daniel told me were the marching orders he gave new Head Brewer Chris Baker. Just like the collaborative nature that spawned Mother Earth Brewing, Chris and Dan still talk recipes and ways to make their beers even better.

Since Daniel has freed himself of the day-to-day brewing operations, now he gets to focus on growing the brand. Similar to their expansion into downtown Vista, Mother Earth is now looking to grow once again. After having taken over most of the building on Thibodo Road, Mother Earth has now set its sights on expanding production to a new 60 BBL system in the next 24 months. But don’t worry, until then they are still working overtime to keep you flush with Cali Creamin,’ Book Koo and Sin Tax.


Cali Creamin’  5.20% ABV  18.8 IBU
Style:  Vanilla Cream Ale
Appearance:  Golden yellow with a white head
Aroma:  Smooth vanilla.
Taste: The closest beer you’ll ever have that tastes like a vanilla cream soda. It’s a complex dance of malt and vanilla on your palate, but so easily drinkable.

Honco Hefe  5.00% ABV  10.6 IBU
Style:  Bavarian Weizen
Appearance:  Clear and golden with a light white head.
Aroma: Light, fresh with almost a hint of clove.
Taste:  Explosion of hop flavor with undertones of malt that gives both body and balance.

Boo Koo  6.50% ABV  55 IBU
Style:  IPA
Appearance:  Light golden color with a dense white head.
Aroma:  Hint of orange peel/tangerine.
Taste:   This is an incredibly smooth drinking IPA, not harsh or bitter. It’s very balanced with Mosaic hops.

Sin Tax  8.10% ABV  57 IBU
Style:  Imperial Peanut Butter Stout
Appearance:  Dark with a tan head.
Aroma:  Rich and roasty.
Taste: It’s smooth and roasty with a hint of peanut butter, a taste that increases as the beer warms up but it never overpowers the brew.

Four Seasons of Mother Earth – Spring
8.00% ABV  126 IBU
Style:  Imperial IPA
Appearance:  Reddish orange hue with a soft white head.
Aroma:  Floral, hoppy.
Taste:  This has a subtle sweetness with a dry finish. There is a flavor in this beer that is undeniably prickly pear, but if you’ve never had it before I suggest you try it!