Mission Avenue Bar & Grill

711 Mission Avenue Oceanside, CA  92054 // (760) 637-2222 // MissionAveBarandGrill.com

by Steve Kang

Chef Adam Griffin has 22 years experience cooking in restaurants. His style of cooking is Southern because he grew up in Georgia. He also has enhanced his abilities because he went to culinary school with people from the Caribbean, which explains all the big bold flavors he uses. After moving to California, he added fresh ingredients that are easily sourced in San Diego. He loves everything he does so it’s not a job for him, it’s a hobby; he loves life.

Bacon Wrapped Shrimp
(Tossed in a mango-jalapeño sauce and served with an avocado salad)

How do you make bacon better? Wrap it around a giant shrimp! The mango-jalapeno sauce gives it just the right amount of sweet with a hint of spicy to unlock the savoriness of the bacon and tenderness of the shrimp. It comes with a side of avocado salad so it’s a complete dish.

Paired with: Hanger 24 Orange Wheat 

You can’t go wrong when you join tropical (mango) with citrus (orange). This beer helps wash down the multitude of flavors you’re getting from the dish but leaves citrus notes in your mouth so that you don’t wash away all of the deliciousness.

Hawaiian Poke Stack
(Sweet Maui onions, green onions, wonton crisps and wasabi caviar) 

Just looking at this dish gets you excited; it looks like fine art. The poke has a great red color to it so you know it’s fresh. What makes everything more awesome visually as well as in taste is the wasabi caviar! It’s like little tiny bursts of flavor exploding with
each bite.

Paired with: Firestone 805 Blonde Ale 

Every Hawaiian loves a blonde and this is no exception. Make sure when you decide to have this island treat to pair it up with this blonde haole.

Bison Burger
(Spinach, tomato, red onion, smoked cheddar and a garlic aioli)

The first time I had a bison burger was on Catalina Island and it left a great impression on me so when I tried this one, I expected a bit more of the same but I was blown away. Chef Adam cooked it to a perfect medium, keeping the lean meat super juicy. The bun is local and the accoutrements are of the highest of quality.

Paired with: Golden Road Wolf Among Weeds IPA

One of my favorite IPAs. It’s smooth and rich and what goes better with a high quality burger? Yes, a high quality IPA.

Rabbit Sausage Sandwich
(Beer broiled with an apple sauerkraut and Dijon mustard on a pretzel bun)

I think I have a fatal attraction to this boiled rabbit! It’s got a great sweetness on the back end that makes the lean sausage pop. Throw in the classics on a pretzel bun and you get a premium sandwich with great classic flair.

Paired with: Lost Abbey Devotion Belgian Style Blonde Ale 

When you have a fatal attraction, you must also have devotion. This Belgian helps the rabbit go down the hole nice and easy.

The Joint
Roll up the industrial doors and you have a cool breeze come in off the sidewalk to the patio through the dining area until it hits the bar. They have a ton of taps and a ton of atmosphere. They have local rotating art that hangs on the walls and an open vaulted ceiling that gives the room character and space. When you’re sitting at the bar you’ll notice an iconic picture of Mr. Junior Seau walking on the beach with a surfboard. It gives you a sense of calm and you realize the indelible mark that he left on the Oceanside community. So does Mission Avenue Bar & Grill.