The Bier Garden of Encinitas
641 South Coast Highway 101, Encinitas
(760) 632-2437  //

by Steve Kang

ORIGIN: I was born and raised in Michigan. I actually grew up in a suburb of Detroit. I was 11 mile so that means three miles from 8 Mile. Who needs Marshall Mathers when you’ve got the real Eminem, Marie Maurer?

CREDENTIALS:   One of my girlfriends dragged me from 11 Mile to Hermosa Beach, where I started bartending at Sharkeez. Then I bartended in Tahoe, Vermont and then finally landed here in sunny San Diego.

SHIFTS: I bartend at The Bier Garden of Encinitas on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Words of wisdom:  Tip like a champion!

Signature Drink:  A Spicy Margarita because tequila is the best. 

Drinks Made Today:
Bier Garden Smoked Old Fashion
(Buffalo Trace Bourbon, Smoked Bitters, Maraschino Luxardo Cherry, and Orange Slice) Wait, this rendition of the original cocktail is made with Buffalo Trace and the Cadillac of cherries? Just the description makes me love it but after I tasted it, I’m actually in love with it. I don’t love you, I’m in love with you! The muddled orange slice goes super good with the smoked bitters.

A Fresh One
(Modern Times Fortunate Islands Wheat, Citron Vodka, Honey Simple Syrup, and Fresh Lemon Juice)  A beer cocktail … what? I love beer, I love cocktails, so I love this bad boy. By the way, I also love lamp, but I digress. This is a refreshing drink that has it all.

Apple Cider Mule*
(Titos, Bitters, Fresh Grated Ginger, Limes, Apple Cider, topped with Ginger beer and a cinnamon stick. Served in a Copper Mug)  First thing I notice is the cinnamon stick and start using it as a straw. Tastes great but it’s not airtight so I’m sucking too hard. Time to man it up and just drink it. It’s Tito’s so it’s the latest and greatest vodka. Let’s face it, it isn’t a mule unless it’s in a copper cup. This guy makes me feel like it’s Christmas in July. 

Alesmith Yulesmith Summer IPA
(Only release twice a year, summer and late fall. Lot’s of hops with a nice malty backbone)  I have to say, I love IPA. It doesn’t hurt that it comes from one of the top breweries in San Diego. The fact that it’s a limited release makes it even more special. It’s hoppy and it makes me very hoppy. Great beer from a great brewery served in a great establishment.

01  Do you prefer a smart guy or a tough guy and why?
Marie Maurer: A smart guy because I can use all the help I can get … ha-ha!

02  You are a gymnast; do you think you can kick Kerri Strug’s ass in an  MMA fight?
Yes, I would destroy her because her ankle is messed up. She CAN’T do it!

03  Our intern Alyssa is your roommate; what do you hate about living with her?
Her farts smell and she always wants to hang out with me.

04 What do you love about living with Alyssa?
Her farts smell and she always wants to hang out with me.

05  Why do you love the Bier Garden?
One, the staff; two, the beer; three, the atmosphere; four, I just want to stay there and party all night.