2901 Mission Blvd.  //  San Diego
Neighborhood: Mission Beach
(858) 488-2644  //

by Steve Kang

ORIGIN: Buffalo, New York. I moved here because I was sick of putting on my whole wardrobe before I went outside and I was looking for some West Coast adventure (Google “Buffalo, New York.”)

CREDENTIALS: My dad owns an Irish bar so I grew up in the industry my whole life. I officially legally started when I was 18 because that’s the legal age in New York.

SHIFTS: Weekends and every Tuesday night for trivia.

Words of wisdom: Laugh more and whine less because laughing will get you far and whining will get you nowhere.

Signature Drink: Bloody Mary is my favorite to make. Both my brother and I are bartenders and it’s always a competition; I make the best, of course. (The best secret is in the horseradish.) But my drink of choice … I’m a Jameson girl through and through.


Beachcomber White Russian
(Vodka, Kahlúa, cream or almond milk instead of cream if I’m feeling like doing a cleanse) Das verdana, baby. …My goodness, it makes me feel like I’m in Moscow having a ball then all of a sudden in Siberia wondering where I am.

South Mission Mai Tai 9
(Rum, pineapple, grenadine, Cadillac rum with an orange or cherry on top) It’s sweet, it’s alcoholic, it’s my type of drink. If I was dating a girl from Thailand, I would call her my Thai … Mai Tai.

Cuba Libre NFL
(Bacardi and Coke with (N)o (F)ucking (L)ime)
Well, it’s basically a Bacardi Coke. But as the regulars say, NFL.
(N)O (F)ucking (L)ime. It’s strong and it put me on my butt because it’s in a pint glass. … I love this.

It’s a no frills neighborhood bar. Where is it? Right smack dab in the middle of the neighborhood by the bay; when you see the roller-coaster, keep going. They have great specials and stiff drinks. It brings in all kinds of clientele but surprisingly, you will see most of them being in their mid twenties.


01  Hip-hop: West Coast or East Coast and why?
Maria Wiles: East Coast. Biggie Smalls will always be a classic, but I can do an occasional Kanye and Tupac. You can never go wrong with the Southern flare, either. … Nappy Roots all the way.

02  Is a good looking man attractive from the outside in or from the inside out and why?
He has a massive vocabulary, so I would have to say the inside out because if you’re intelligent and can make me laugh, that’s the way to my heart. If you’re sarcastic, yes … but the outside doesn’t hurt either.

03  You are a trivia master. Can you win at your own game?
I created it so if I know the answers, YES! If it’s somebody else’s game, I’ll have to cheat.

04  What’s more important: a man who can cook or a man who can take you to a five-star restaurant?
Somebody who can cook a five-star meal while I watch Netflix.

05  Why do you love the Beachcomber?
Why wouldn’t I? It’s a Mission tradition from the 1940s. Whether somebody is celebrating their 21st or their 81st birthday, it’s a bar that welcomes all people and all walks of life. Each day I spend here is like a new episode of Cheers, and it’s never the same and everybody knows your NAME!