by Joe Lytch

This may typically happen more often to a woman than to a man. Either way, if this assault does happen to you, these are the steps that you can take to get yourself out of harm’s way.

Your first line of defense is always awareness. If you have an uneasy feeling overcoming you, be aware. Your instincts are alerting you to the fact you may be in a bad situation, so trust them. Don’t let your mind talk you down from your instincts.

Secondly, if you’re in an unfamiliar area, do not wander into dark, unlit areas and beware of dead ends. It may seem like common sense but sometimes in real life situations it’s difficult to decipher potential dangers and what may be actually going on until it’s too late.

Two things an attacker fears are:
01 Being caught
02 Getting hurt

Make sure to make as much noise as possible by screaming or yelling so that you can draw as much attention to the situation as possible. Now you need to employ the following self defense techniques to help you survive.

A person’s first instincts are to just try and break free by using their arm strength. For this to be successful, you must break free before the attacker actually gets a firm grip. Most attackers will make sure that they are bigger and stronger than their victim so that the victim can’t break free.

If you are in an attacker’s firm grip:
Stomp on the top of the attacker’s foot with your heel and twist on impact to inflict maximum damage. Then kick them in the shins because the skin here is very thin with no muscle protecting the bone so it can be extremely painful for the attacker.

If the attacker grabs you from behind over the arms:
Move your hips from side to side and, since your arms are underneath his, you will be able to strike his genitals with a hammer fist, alternating from one side to the other. To inflict more pain, you can grab, twist and pull.

If the attacker grabs you from behind under the arms:
Use your elbows to throw alternating blows to the attacker’s head or face by twisting your torso from one side one to the other.

01 Once you break free, run to safety. This is the ever shrinking moment where you have the advantage because the attacker is stunned. Do not stick around to see if he is okay or if your anger makes you want to fight more.

02  If a person has a weapon or potentially has a weapon, you should do exactly what they say unless you are absolutely sure that you are in an imminent life and death situation.

Warning:  This is an extremely dangerous situation. All situations are different and can have different results. To properly execute self-defense methods, seek more information by consulting a self-defense expert.