967 S. Coast Hwy. 101, #101  |  Neighborhood: Encinitas
(760) 479-1657 | 

by Steve Kang

I’ve been frequenting the Lumberyard Tavern for several years now. I’ve become personal friends with a lot of the staff as well as owner/operator Lisa. Every time I walk in, I feel as if I am being welcomed to a home—except it’s a huge bar/restaurant filled with people who enjoy great entertainment, great food and great drinks. This particular day, women’s World Cup was on between No. 2 USA and No. 1 Germany. The U.S. won and the place erupted. If this isn’t enough reason to be here, check out the sweet specials they have.


Salmon Skewers
(Grilled salmon with bell pepper, onion, sweet & spicy lime vinaigrette)

The sweetness of the peppers combine with the savory salmon and create a vortex of flavor in your mouth—and it’s on a stick! This pink beauty flakes off with every bite and you can feel the omega-3 heal everything in your body. … OK, OK, you need more than a bite for the healthy health benefits but look it up, it’s a wonder food.

Paired with: White Sangria
(Made in house by your loving bartender with orange vodka, white wine, fresh citrus, a bit of agave)

You take salmon and skewer it and you have a modern twist on a classic dish. You take white wine and make it into a badass sangria and you have a modern twist on the classic accompaniment. Trust me, you can’t go wrong with this dynamic duo! Holy flavor, Batman, my taste buds just exploded!



01 Irish Nachos with Pulled Pork
(Potato chips, smoked gouda, white cheddar, jalapenos, bacon, green onion and sour cream)

They use potato chips instead of baked slices so it gives it a great light crunch. It allows for the toppings to be the star, and this pulled pork is heavenly. Throw in jalepeno slices and two different types of cheese and you’ve got yourself an Irish bomb. It’s an average nacho dish made better.

Paired with: Golden Road Heal the Bay IPA
(American India pale ale, 6.8% ABV, 65 IBU)

The Los Angeles brewery supports a local organization committed to protecting the Southern California watersheds. It’s a strong IPA without the pallet wrecking IBUs. It’s a smooth operator and so will you be if you buy it because a portion of your payment goes to charity.

02 Grilled Artichoke
(With house herb aioli and balsamic dipping sauces)

It’s smoky, soft and tender right off the grill. Add in the special dipping sauces and you have yourself a not so average appetizer. As we were taking pictures of this dish, a Southerner walked by and said, “That’s fyancy!”

Paired with: Artesa Chardonnay Carneros white wine It’s crisp and dry and brings a tear to my eye because it artichokes me up how delicious this paring is.

03 Tri-Tip Taco
(Served on a corn tortilla with fresh guacamole and pico de gallo)

This is loaded with guac. They told me to guac this way, guac this way, just give me a kiss! What else? It’s loaded with the best tri-tip on the West Coast. They don’t call it Cardiff Crack for nothing. I’m definitely hooked; see you next Tuesday.

Paired with: Tavern Margarita
(Corralejo Silver Tequila, agave, fresh citrus shaken and made spicy with fresh jalapeños muddled)

I just got a sweaty nose and it’s sitting right above my smiling lips. This is next level stuff right here. Sweet, sour, salty and spicy; thank you for lighting up all of my senses. Sorry, bitter, no room for you!

One of Encinitas’ first cool modern bars, it still sets the standard with all the copy cats popping up everywhere. There’s no better place to watch a game with all of your buddies or gather here for a family reunion brunch. They have the right space and they have the right atmosphere for all of your dining, drinking and entertainment needs.