In a world of processed foods and the rebels who shy away from eating them, we enter the realm of organic and non-GMO. And without getting political on the topic of healthy eating, there’s a “not so secret” society of individuals who believe in the power of clean eating here in San Diego.

As a self-proclaimed, progressive hippie, I find myself wearing both hats. I still struggle with my In N Out addiction, but I am proud to admit I like my organic espresso with non-GMO almond milk. Some may call me crazy, but it’s a personal thing and many here in San Diego walk the same walk.

As San Diego continues down the road toward a cleaner eating city, several restaurateurs are out there with a mission to change the way we think about what we eat and drink. From Sprouts to Whole Foods to Trader Joes, it’s obvious that the stability of these chains shows a trending direction for the health conscious consumer.

This month we feature a little coffee shop in Encinitas that’s completely changing the way people eat and drink. Lofty Coffee, just east of Moonlight Beach on the 101, is a thriving little coffee shop that makes Starbucks look like a coffee cart. It’s uncommon to see fewer than 10 people standing in line to get their caffeine fix or their gluten-free banana muffin.

And this little coffee shop goes way beyond the organic coffee and has ventured off into the organic outer space with all sort of treats and eats with a healthy flare to suffice any gluten-free, dairy-free individual. Lofty Coffee’s appeal goes well beyond the food and drink, with their creative and friendly staff who seem to wake on the right side of the bed every day … or maybe they’ve just had one too many organic espresso shots. Either way, it’s a place filled with happiness on all levels.

Like any other start-up, Lofty Coffee had some serious challenges to overcome, including a couple of failed chains in the same location and a niche concept that had yet to be proven in San Diego. It didn’t take long for the idea to catch on and, like me, there are plenty of regulars who believe in the power of organic coffee.

Overnight success stories aren’t very common, but it’s safe to say Lofty is one of them. The idea of expanding the Lofty Coffee brand is in the works, so don’t be surprised to see one on a corner near you. In fact, sometimes I think it would be easier for me to go downtown for my organic coffee fix to avoid the 20-minute line at their Encinitas location but, hey, the coffee is just that good.