San Diego Connection: I was born here, spent years moving up and down the best coast, the West Coast. I recently decided to move back after my mom passed away. It’s like a part of my soul.

Zodiac sign: Virgo

Profession: As of right now, I am an aspiring actress/model by day and bartender by night. Oh, and also a student of communication.

Hobbies: I like to look for a new adventure in every day. I like to go out and explore and see what the world has to offer me.

Outdoor activities: Anything near the water and beach area. I like to paddle board and surf but I also like to hike.

Favorite food: If I’m being bad, In-N-Out Burger. If I’m being good, brussels sprouts!

Favorite libation: Old Fashioned … basically anything whiskey. … I bleed Jameson. Give me a bottle of Irish whiskey over roses and I’ll forever be yours.

Growing up: I was born in San Diego, moved to southern Oregon and then spent the past six years in Portland before coming back to San Diego. I’m the middle child, so I’ve always been a free spirit. I always do what feels right. Growing up we always spent a lot of time in the outdoors and discovering new things. I got my adventurous side from my mom. We would always go discover new things and places.

Career: Ever since I was little, I always loved being in the spotlight and in front of a camera! I would love to get into sports broadcasting because: 1) I love sports, and 2) I love the camera. Oh, and I would love to be an extra in The League.

Passion: Currently my passion in life is to always find happiness in whatever I am doing. To always be happy, to live every day as a new adventure. Sure, I’ve had a few bumps in the road but that’s what has shaped me. It took 25 years to understand that, and with that so many positive things have happened!