True North Tavern
3815 30th St., San Diego // Neighborhood: North Park
(619) 291-3815  //

by Steve Kang

ORIGIN: I’m originally from Seattle, but I spent most of my life in Denver. I came to San Diego on vacation then moved here six months later after I graduated college.

CREDENTIALS:   I started as a hostess when I was 16, moved up to serving, then started bartending and have been doing it for more than four years.

SHIFTS: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday

Words of wisdom:  Live life to the fullest.

Signature Drink:  Michelada, because it’s the perfect hangover cure! 


El Guapo
(Herradura Reposado Tequila, muddled pineapple and jalapeno, agave nectar syrup, fresh lime juice, served with a Tajin chili rim) The muddled pineapple puts just the right amount of sweet and tart in the otherwise skinny drink. The Tajin chili rim makes me smile because it tastes great and sounds naughty.

(Barcardi Rum infused with dried cranberries and dried apricots, simple syrup, fresh mint, fresh lime juice, soda water) Looks like a Caribbean Queen but this pinky drink is mean. The dried fruit gives it a great accent as well as a sweet treat in between sips, but the rum makes this drink really fun. You get nice wafts of mint with every sip.

Spiced Pear
(American Harvest Vodka infused with pears, cinnamon and cloves, simple syrup, St. Germain, dry vermouth) It’s dry, it’s fly, and it will make you high. It’s sophisticated and packs a big range of flavors.

Smoking Bullet
(Bulleit Rye, apple pie moonshine, apple cider, served with apple wood chip smoke) This thing ain’t no joke! It is actually smoked with a mini smoker. As soon as you bring it to your lips, it makes them quiver because this manly drink makes you “Kooler” than “Smoking Joe.”


01  Would you date a guy who is super smart and is 5-foot-6 or a super dumb guy who is 6-foot-2 and why?
Kasey: Super smart and 5-foot-6 because I’m too smart to date a dumb guy.

02 Being from Colorado, what does Rocky Mountain high mean to you?
Hikes, mountains and snowboarding. Now that I live in California I have traded my snowboarding for the ocean.

03  You have been skydiving; what makes it so exciting
The free fall gives you such a thrill that you can’t even catch your breath. The first time I wasn’t nervous until I had to jump. The second time I was nervous the whole time. I guess I’m kind of an adrenaline junky.

04 What do you consider sexy?
A sense a humor, confidence and a free spirit.

05  Why do you love the True North Tavern?
The people: staff, management and customers. I’ve been here for 4.5 years so they must be doing something right.


This is another offering by the Verant Group that has several happening bars around San Diego including barleymash in the Gaslamp. As soon as you walk in, you know this joint is right in line with the Verant Group’s high standards. They invented upper-scale casual and this place is no exception. Whether you’re a hipster, a club kid, a sports fan or just an old fart like me, there is something here for everyone. The drinks are creative and the food is comforting.