San Diego Connection:My parents made me move here.

zodiac sign: Scorpio

Profession: Travel Nurse Recruiter & Founder of Lishus Yoga (

Hobbies: Other than surfing? I play the piano and a little bit of guitar.

Outdoor activities:Surfing, or any adrenaline provoking activities like mountain sports (skiing, biking), sometimes skateboarding, hiking, and hopefully I can get back into running soon!

Favorite food: Cheese. Like cheesy mashed potatoes and mac & cheese… Cheese on fries with gravy (Poutine). Its not what people stereotype a yogi’s diet to include, but hopefully I can help break that stereotype!   

Favorite libation: Wine, craft beer, and tequila mules. Not all on the same night though!

Growing up:
Growing up we moved a bazillion times. I learned to ski in Whistler Blackcomb, I always had giant backyards with giant trees to climb, and then we ended up in San Diego. My childhood was enriched by lessons and activities of all sorts: I was a figure skater for a couple years, played soccer, golfed, played volleyball and basketball, swam, and played countless hours of hockey with my brother (I still have dents in my shins to prove it!).

I always had dreams to travel. After I finished my undergrad at UCSD early, I started going across oceans to surf. I’ve surfed in Chile, New Zealand, Australia (twice), and Nicaragua (many times). I’ve also traveled to Thailand, Indonesia, France, Switzerland, and England. The travel bug remains in my blood and I’m definitely looking to go back to Indo for a surf trip soon!

This is where I’ll get all “yogi” on you because I’ve been able to find my purpose and I love what I do! But first, here’s how I ended up where I am today: I got a job as a lifeguard after high school to pay for college. I LOVED saving lives. I then got a job as an ER Tech as a prerequisite to move on in the medical field. But then I got injured on the job, moving a patient – and then I got injured again moving a different patient two years later. Long story short, sometimes unpleasant things happen to help you find your true purpose. My true purpose isn’t what I thought it should have been; my purpose is to help people learn that they can balance their lives and find their own purpose, and I’m using yoga as a platform for that because a healthy body is super important too. But don’t get me wrong, I still have a passion for emergency medicine and the adrenaline of an ocean rescue, my body just can’t support that type of work anymore.

So now, my day job is travel nurse recruiting where I place nurses on three month assignments in short-staffed hospitals throughout the country. And I just started my yoga business. I don’t own a studio, but I do teach at the Lorna Jane Move Studio in Del Mar on Thursdays. I also teach a few corporate yoga classes per week.

My practice is a little more advanced and I always have a new goal to reach – like now that I can bring my foot to the back of my head again, I’m working on handstand balance and perfecting my Warrior 1.

I also think it’s important to show my students what is possible because a year ago, I couldn’t even turn backwards to look behind me as I backed up my vehicle. Freeing your mind and connecting with your body can really help heal some injuries that you maybe had lost all hope on. This lesson, about showing people what is possible, also translates into our lives at home and at work – don’t let your surroundings define your limits!

So I’m obviously passionate about my concept of Lishus Yoga. But I am also extremely passionate about surfing. I went four out of five years without surfing because of these injuries. I did a ton of rehab and even more yoga and got back in the water in June of this year.

I can’t stop surfing!! It’s the best feeling ever. I know that warm water and the best summer of surf ever made it feel like I was on a surf trip the entire summer. Regardless, just being back on my board and feeling free in the ocean, seeing the dolphins and leopard sharks, and surfing some amazing swells has really put things into perspective for me because I went so long without it. This year, I hope to get back on the mountain and start running again. These adrenaline sports just help clear my mind and feel good.