If you don’t follow surfing, you may not know that there’s a secret society of professional surfers living in North County. One happens to have made a name for himself on the ASP World Tour, currently being ranked No. 9 in the world. And although he doesn’t quite have an accent that matches one of Carlsbad descent, he fits right in.

Josh Kerr has called Carlsbad home for several years now, and he’s becoming a household name in North County because, like Tony Hawk, Kerr is everywhere. Originally from Australia, Kerr met his wife (who grew up in Carlsbad) and, after spending several years Down Under, they made a deal to make Carlsbad their home.

When he’s not in the water or on tour, you can find him at a local skate park with his daughter, who at 7, most likely skates better than you ever will. You may also find Kerr eating out at his favorite restaurant, Fish 101, or having coffee at your local coffee shop. And if you happen to see Josh, don’t hesitate to say hello.

One thing about Josh that makes him such a unique surfer on tour is he’s focused on more than just surfing. He’s an entrepreneur and making things happen outside the world of surfing. Surfing for him certainly pays the bills, but he knows, like everyone else on tour, there is life after surfing. And he’s already preparing himself.

Many professional athletes are focused solely on their career, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. But like any other job, it’s your ability to be a forward thinker that allows the dream to continue. Josh has found a way to leverage his surfing abilities and his personality into something that will extend far beyond his surfing career. In his short time in San Diego, his business intuition seems to mimic his heroics in the water.

He’s currently involved with several local companies in San Diego, including Saint Archer Brewery, which happens to be one of the fastest growing microbreweries in the county. Saint Archer has plans to hit other markets in Southern California in the near future, so we can expect to see similar success. Josh is also involved in the recent launch of a new underwear and loungewear brand called VNDA (pronounced unda). He also has ties with an up-and-coming juice brand called Citizen Juice Co., which happens to have some of the best cold-pressed juices in the business.

In a world of who you know, not what you know, Josh continues to put ideas and concepts together that reflect his true drive to not just be a surfer but an entrepreneur. When you’re surfing the world tour, your time is limited. Josh can attest to the fact that he’d love to be home more often to spend time with his beautiful wife and children. But the truth is he’s setting himself up to eventually have unlimited time with his family and friends, once his surfing career is behind him.

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