Jennie Rose Nelson

Make-up by Whitney Teal Woods

San Diego Connection: My mom moved here from Brooklyn when she was 18, found a nice long haired California boy, had some babies and never left!

Zodiac sign: Aquarius.

Profession: Server at the Gaslamp Strip Club, a steak place where you cook the meat yourself. It’s a turf club for the downtown crowd.

Hobbies: Lifting weights, going to shows, taking day trips to our beautiful neighboring cities.

Outdoor activities: Mostly tanning.

Favorite food: Pizza from the Bronx on Washington Street!

Favorite libation: Cheap Champagne or the Serrano Chili Martini we have at the Strip Club.

Growing up: My dad had a Harley shop in PB called Zaidels. My mom was a classic biker chick so my older sister and I had an unconventionally fun childhood together.

Career: What’s a career? I’m 22.

Passion: I have a lot of passions for a lot of different things. Ultimately though, I do see myself doing something to help people who are struggling in life, whether it be addiction, mental illness or poverty.

Gaslamp Strip Club

340 5th Ave., San Diego  |  Neighborhood: Gaslamp  |  (619) 231-3140  |