Hanna’s Gourmet  |  2864 Adams Ave., San Diego    |  Neighborhood: University Heights
(619) 280-5600  |  HannasGourmetCatering.com

By Michelle Lyn

Located in the heart of University Heights, Hanna’s Gourmet has been dishing out globally inspired fare to locals for years. The cozy, under-the-radar eatery is a choice spot for those seeking fresh, seasonal dishes of an unfamiliar quality. Think of it like taking a culinary trip around the world, without ever leaving your seat! The chef and owner, Hanna Tesfamichael, recently added a few standouts to the dinner menu, making Hanna’s Gourmet a must-visit on your list.

4L: Tell us about the menu at Hanna’s Gourmet.
Hanna Tesfamichael: Our menu consists of fragrant and exotic dishes that draw from many cultures and countries around the world, such as Italy, Japan, France, India, Morocco, etc. The menu is laid out so that a table can order from different continents, and share and taste each other’s dishes.

What are some of your new standout dishes from the menu?
In addition to the dinner staples our guests love, the menu now features seasonal starters such as Roasted Pepper Ragu with fresh ricotta, and Indian Curried Cauliflower Fritters with mango jalapeño dipping sauce. Entrées include Seared Salmon with caramelized peaches, seasonal vegetables and orange wine sauce, and Tender Pork Loin with fried tomatillos and apples on a bed of cilantro cream.

Tell us about your family-style dinners, and how they differ from your World Tour menu?
The Word Tour menu is offered nightly, and consists of a soup and an entrée from a particular country that changes weekly. Our popular family-style dinners occur once a month and highlight a different country’s cuisine. For instance, May 21 will highlight a complete family-style menu featuring the cuisine of Greece. They are a great way to bring the community together.

What is your number one selling dinner item?
We have two bestselling items: our Apple and Goat Cheese Stuffed Chicken, and our Bobotie, a South African meatloaf.

What is your favorite cuisine to cook?
I love cooking French cuisine. I find it to be the most challenging as well as the most refined style of cooking for me.

When you are not cooking and running your restaurant, what can we find you doing?
Spending time with my husband and friends. My obsession is reading cookbooks, magazines and food blogs, so I will also be doing that.