Go-To Travel Essentials

by Michelle Lyn

Before packing for your next trip, make sure you check some of these tried and true items off your list for a smoother vacay.

In Blue Handmade

Go-To Travel Essentials

Journals and luggage tags handcrafted by artisans using second-sourced leather and paper grown in certified sustainable forests. InBlueHandmade.com


Go-To Travel Essentials

The Powercell 6000+ is a one-stop shop for battery charging. Connect multiple devices through USB ports and plug the unit into the wall. Ventev.com

Hook + Albert


Go-To Travel Essentials

A game changer. Their Garment Weekender combines the functionality of a garment bag with the pack-it-up portability of a weekender or duffel bag. Cufflinks.com

Sleek, chic, durable, adventurous and good for the world, these backpacks are each individually linked to different nonprofits around the globe, with at least 10 percent of proceeds of each sale going toward clean water, healthcare and education in places like Ghana, Cambodia and India. Cotopaxi.com


Go-To Travel Essentials

Company that designs effortlessly cool menswear and accessories like this gadget carrier and passport case. Carbon2Cobalt.com


Go-To Travel Essentials

Charge any road trip with this portable jump starter that provides an extra sense of comfort, knowing you can give yourself (or someone else) a jump from anywhere. Chamberlain.com


Go-To Travel Essentials

Great useful stuff. That pretty much sums it up for these stylish packing aids.


Lo & Sons

Go-To Travel Essentials

High quality weekender  bags and a slick camera bag  that holds all you need for a  day of shutter-bugging.



Go-To Travel Essentials

Tripomatic: Creates personalized itineraries based on your destination and interests

Glide: Allows you to easily send videos from the road

FED Guide: Expertly curated things to find, eat and drink


Go-To Travel Essentials

A life saver if you have to look sharp. The Ultrasteam Steambrush has the ability to remove both wrinkles AND odors. Yes, please. RowentaUSA.com


Go-To Travel Essentials

Acoustic noise-canceling headphones perfect for any flight. Bose.com


Go-To Travel Essentials

Instant tents pop-up within minutes and save everyone a headache, giving you more time to explore the great outdoors. Coleman.com