by Cory Waterhouse

stamp-yo-face | 4L Magazine San DiegoCustom Single Portrait Stamp
Price: $65
Turn your magnificent face into a charming custom stamp. After you order this package the folks at Stamp Yo Face reach out to you for ‘inspiration.’ By sending in your favorite photo they’ll get started drawing the face you’ve chosen, transforming it into a lovable rubber creation. Each stamp design is hand-drawn, digitized and professionally produced to last. This looks like a fantastically bad idea. So I want eight of them. They have pets, celebrities, blank thoughts bubbles and even the first ever recorded zombie to return from the dead: Jesus himself. This product is an instant classic. Unless, of course, you’re ugly.





action-hero-toolkit | 4L Magazine San Diego

Action Hero Toolkit
Price: $10
His ingenious solutions earned our admiration. His bold hair style earned our affection. Whenever a truck is fixed with a basketball hoop, MacGyver is there. Whenever binder clips keep computer cables in order, MacGyver is there. And whenever duct tape is used in space, MacGyver is there. He permeates pop culture and inspires our mission. Today, we pay him tribute. We put our toolkit building prowess to its ultimate test. Behold the fruit of our labor: the Action Hero Toolkit. Arm yourself with everything you need to MacGyver your way out of any problem. MacGyver inspired a nation of men to try and fix anything on the planet with gum and a toothpick. Unbeknownst to us rubes, that was actually just writers with mountains of cocaine trying to use physics and gullible pre-teens to further their addictions. Who am I kidding? I still use the word “MacGyver” as a verb. And my kids still think I’m old and crazy when I do.





The-Backpack-Cooler-Chair | 4L Magazine San DiegoThe Backpack Cooler Chair
Price: $140
This is the portable chair and cooler that are as easy to transport as a backpack. The chair weighs only 13 pounds, folds to a mere 10 inches wide, and has two shoulder straps so you can easily carry the apparatus to a tailgate party or the beach. The cooler bag attaches to the left armrest and has high quality foam insulation that keeps up to a case or 35 pounds of food cold for several hours. The cooler has four external pockets for picnic necessities and is removable. A 14 1/2×11-inch side table folds out from the right armrest and has a cup holder and a two-tiered, under-mounted, canvas shelf that provides convenient storage for reading material and snacks. The seat and backrest are made from soft-yet-durable canvas with foam-padded ribs and the frame is constructed from lightweight powder-coated aluminum that supports up to 350 pounds. I think this is a must-have piece of gear for those folks who want to spend a little time away from their couch. It will recreate your couch but in the sun and around other people, so you can finally make an attempt to shake that “anti-social” tag you’ve been carrying around since you grew out your beard and stopped doing laundry.





Lytro-Illum | 4L Magazine San DiegoLytro Illum
Price: $1,499
Introducing Lytro Illum, the first high-end camera that harnesses the power of light field–capturing the direction, color and brightness of the rays of light within the frame. This camera creates ‘living pictures’ by bringing the power of 3D computer graphics to photography and enabling new avenues for visual storytelling. A customized sensor and Lytro-designed lens deliver previously impossible optical performance, including a powerful software platform which enables a revolutionary interactive experience. Yes, I’m a bit infatuated with photography lately and this is a fantastic camera that allows you to work some digital magic after the fact. The price tag is right around what you’d expect to pay for a mid-range DSLR. It’s a chunk of change but isn’t that why we trudge to work every day? Oh, yeah, you’re right … to maintain the status quo and convince our alien overlords that we’re not onto their plan of colonization. Noted. My bad.





Sol-Republic-V8-Headphones | 4L Magazine San DiegoSol Republic V8 Headphones
Price: $ 99
These on-ear headphones are the first interchangeable headphones to deliver incredible sound, style and technology. The one-button mic + music control is compatible with most Apple, Android and Windows devices. Be the cool kid with these cans but also be cognizant of those around you. We don’t wanna hear your band’s music. That’s the point of headphones. For you to damage your own hearing.





Luminair-Tree-Tent | 4L Magazine San DiegoLuminair Tree Tent
Price: $13,500
The Tree Tent concept is a culmination of more than three years of work and research (and decades of experience) in sustainable shelter systems, fabric structures and tree-top living. The goal was to develop a lightweight and efficient structure using sustainable, recyclable, recycled and natural materials. A structure that can be easily transported and assembled on-site with minimal, non-permanent impact on its environment. It’s realized with a unique, hybrid aluminum and green ash static airframe combined with an expertly tailored 100 percent cotton canvas skin. I just liked the thought of some random person walking through the woods and seeing this tent, only to think either the martians from War of the Worlds were here to melt us or it was the Empire with their forest AT-STs (you know, the smaller ones … All Terrain Scout Transport … not to be confused with the larger AT-ATs (All Terrain Armored Transport) from The Empire Strikes Back. Wow … so do I only get my super geek badge after George Lucas sues me?





Amazon-Fire-TV | 4L Magazine San DiegoAmazon Fire TV
Price: $99
Amazon Fire TV is a tiny box that connects your HDTV to a world of online entertainment. With a huge selection of TV episodes and movies, voice search that actually works, plus exclusive features like ASAP and Amazon FreeTime, it’s the easiest way to enjoy Netflix, Prime Instant Video, Hulu Plus, low-cost movie rentals, live and on demand sports, music, photos, games and more. Welp … so much for getting off my couch and writing the great American novel. Or screenplay. Haiku? Or a shopping list. Haiku shopping list by Cory Waterhouse: we need bananas turkey jerky smells farty always need mustard.





Auvio-Bluetooth-Speaker | 4L Magazine San DiegoAuvio Bluetooth Speaker
Price: $79
This Auvio Bluetooth Speaker liberates you from the restrictions of cords and cables, allowing your music to enhance activities rather than put boundaries on them. Designed with sleek lines and a unique contemporary grille, it’s the perfect combination of style and dynamic sound. We used this in the office for awhile but we have a tendency to disagree on what is acceptable listening material. Mainly, I don’t like to hear anyone else’s music. I’m considerate like that.





William-Painter-Titanium-Sunglasses | 4L Magazine San DiegoWilliam Painter Titanium Sunglasses
Price: $140
Made from titanium. Like in the title. The arms are made using the same material as the fastest jet in the world (SR-71 Blackbird … or whatever else is being cooked up at Groom Lake) with scratch resistant powder coating. Sweet murdered out anodized titanium frames. Similar to the iPhone 5 (… but stronger and better because iPhones are meh). Double barrel titanium hinges. Stainless steel screws. Top of the line polarized lenses (CR-39). Ultra lightweight frames (1.83 ounces). Plus, you can open your bottle of suds with your face. Or stab someone if you get in a life threatening situation. At the beach. When it’s sunny out. By the way, the company sent a card with the glasses that had David Hasselhoff holding a lightsaber while riding a unicorn on a cliff with lightning in the background. No bullshit … I wish I could make that up but it’s real.