Lumberyard Tavern owner/operator Lisa Belasco made an indelible impression on me when we met a year ago. She has a snarky dry sense of humor that makes you want to hang out with her all day long. She’s translated this great quality into the atmosphere and the staff at her restaurant. Just like every good business owner, she has changed and evolved with the times. She has modified the menu with new tasty items and kept some classics. Additionally, the beer selection keeps rotating to, ahem, tap into the ever-evolving SD scene, managing even to introduce notable brews. Once you walk in, you too will want to just hang out all day long.

01 Kale and Shrimp  

(Shrimp, chopped kale, cucumber, mango pico de gallo, toasted almonds, spicy lime tahini vinaigrette)

The shrimp here is so good. They cook it perfectly and it’s no different on this salad. Kale is the new hip thing because it’s so healthy. It has a slight bitter taste like arugula, but the sweet mango pico de gallo balances it out nicely. I feel like I’m actually losing weight with each delicious bite.

House Roasted Turkey 

(Herb Roasted Turkey, Havarti, Honeycrisp Apples, Sprout Salad, Spicy Honey Mustard, Rosemary Sage Sourdough)

Holy crap! There is definitely a difference in pre-bought, pre-sliced turkey and how they do it here. They roast an entire turkey in house then make tender slices to your delight. This is the staff’s favorite and mine … you have to get this!

Lamb Burger  

(Ground lamb, feta, arugula, tomato, pickled onion, tzatziki sauce)

What’s great about this is the lamb. Finally, a different burger: It’s juicy and the lamb taste hits you at the end. The feta cheese just adds to the uniqueness to this burger. The fresh yogurt of the tzatziki sauce evens it all out. It comes with super crunchy onion rings. 

What We Drank:

Sculpin IPA

This is a Ballast Point classic. It may quite arguably be the IPA standard in San Diego. We like IPAs and if nothing seems interesting this is definitely our go-to beer.

Spicy Margarita

They make this spicy by muddling jalapeños and with a bit of simple syrup. It’s hot, it’s cold, it’s sinfully refreshing.

Old Fashion

They use Bulleit Rye so it makes it just that much better. Call us old fashioned, but we like drinking an Old Fashioned.

The Joint:

This is one of our favorite places ever. We come here often to eat, drink, watch games and chat with the friendly staff. Managers Chris and Joey will always make you feel at home. They just know how to brighten your day. … I guess their delicious cocktails don’t hurt either. 

The Lumberyard Tavern also has a great patio where dogs are welcome, and the bar sits plenty so you can just saddle up if you’re solo. If you want to bring your entire gang, they have a long community table as well as several booths and tables. Come on by and have a good time!