YOU WANT IT, YOU GOT IT! by Cory Waterhouse

So, I’m no great legal scholar and for anyone who’s read the literary glimmer I’ve pushed across pages for the last decade, you can probably tell I’m really no scholar in any sense of the word.

So I’m going to tread a tad lightly in deference to the literal shit ton of lawsuits that would fly at my face if I actually shared how I feel about that unfortunately popular online reviewing site that will still remain nameless…but here goes it anyway: I don’t feel there’s enough toilet paper in the world to clean the skids that website and it’s reviewers have left on the planet.

Reading anything on that site quickly brings up the seven or eight useful reviews and the rest being whiny, meandering (and mostly fictional) posts by people who, for some reason, believe that their vaguely hazy opinion on a cheeseburger holds any type of relevance to society as a whole.

Blame the Food Network and Gordon Ramsay’s attitude, but everyone with a pulse, WiFi and a debit card is now an instant food critic.

For example, reading reviews about The Compass in Carlsbad reveals a large contingent of happy comments about that fantastic, fun venue enjoyed by all of north county (which I know one particular Yelper named it, “Hooters for Hipsters”) interspersed with some fantastically boo-hoo moments from people who apparently got their feelings hurt and wanted to tattle to the intertubes about how sad they are.

But the staff and ownership at The Compass have a snarky sense of humor, as does most everyone who has survived (and thrived) in the service industry. So they’re new ad campaign used the “Hooters for Hipsters” swipe as incentive and owned it. 

The Compass: 1

Sad, Angry Yelper: 0