By Bridget Najour

Tis the season … of credit card debt, overeating and a shitload of holiday parties. From friends and family to co-workers and sweaty strangers, you’re about to frolic through the 12 days of Christmas and straight on into the New Year. With all that you’ve got going on, the last thing you need to worry about is your wardrobe.

From formal to fun, we’ve decoded the dress code lingo…

New Year’s Eve
Dress Code: Cocktail Attire

Let’s face it, unless you’re watching the ball drop on your couch, the stakes are high on New Year’s Eve. Every bar and club turns into a VIP event, so even if you’re not heading to that swanky, rooftop party, you better dress the part.

Put together a top-notch look that’s stylish but not stuffy. Stick with the suit and tie, but try a dark suit in navy or gray. Add a pop of color with your socks, tie or a pocket square, but make sure they all coordinate. Finish the look off with a pair of well-maintained Oxfords.

Work Party
Dress Code: Dressy Casual

Does this sound like a contradiction? We think so, too. But as far as formalities go, you’ve hit the holiday party jackpot. As the most laid back of the formal-wear options, you get to look good and be comfortable. This is your chance to be unbuttoned, literally and figuratively.

Ditch the button down and try out a hybrid look, mixing and matching casual and dressy elements. Pair a t-shirt with a patterned sport coat and dark jeans, or combine a v-neck sweater with khakis or cords.

Ugly Sweater Party
Dress Code: Festive

You are bound to be invited to at least one of these celebrations of fugly as they are the season’s fastest growing trend. Don’t be a scrooge! This is the one holiday party where you don’t have to be buttoned up.

Embrace your inner ugly and head to the nearest thrift store, raid your own closet or grab some tinsel and an old sweatshirt for a DIY version. For a toned down yet equally festive look, trade out the sweater for seasonal tie or a holiday colored flannel.