Double Standard

695 6th Ave., San Diego  | Neighborhood: Gaslamp
(619) 269-9676

By Michelle Lyn

The new kid on the downtown block just opened and it’s a stunner.  Double Standard opened its doors in December and the modern, open air concept brings the indoors out, right onto their grassy sidewalk patios.  Chef Chris Gentile infuses Southern warmth and hospitality into the menu that boasts housemade pasta, Neapolitan-inspired pizzas and house meats.  Don’t read the menu unless you plan on booking a table right after.

4L: What was the inspiration behind Double Standard?

Chris Gentile: We offer high-quality food and drink in a beautiful atmosphere, but at an affordable price. The perception is that you can’t have both, and have to choose fine dining or casual eateries. We offer the components of a fine dining experience in terms of food, décor and service, but at a price that’s for every occasion – the Double Standard.

How does your Southern background come through on an Italian heavy menu?

I was raised by a traditional, Italian family. Most of my inspiration comes from what I grew up eating, which consisted of the best ingredients and cooking from scratch. This works well at Double Standard, where what we put into the food matters, from ingredients to the timeless techniques.

What kind of dining experience can we expect at Double Standard?

The restaurant was designed to be a great space to gather and enjoy good food and drink. It’s a space where one feels welcome and comfortable at any age. When you come in and dine, you are at our house – part of the family.

Where do you like to eat when you’re not working?

I go out often, but since I’m in the industry, most of us love to get together and cook at each other’s houses.  This allows us to see what others are doing and connect with purveyors and colleagues.

What holiday activities do you most look forward to in SD?

I usually work the holidays, so I miss getting together with family and cooking together. Here, my industry colleagues did a Friendsgiving last month, which brought us all together and it’s a great new tradition for me.

Top three items on the menu that can’t be missed?

· Meatball Al Forno – Veal meatball, organic San Marzano tomatoes, Gioia fresh ricotta and pesto

· Bistecca Bone – In Ribeye for 2 –  a 32 oz. prime 28 day dry aged ribeye with roasted vegetables and salsa verde

· Ricotta & Egg Raviolo – With browned butter, crispy sage and pecorino