San Diego Connection:
Originally I’m from Michigan, and after college I spent four years in New York City before moving to San Diego in January of 2010.

Zodiac sign:

I have my BFA in modern dance and currently perform with two local modern dance companies, Blythe Barton Dance and Pisces Dance Project.  In addition, I work around SD as a personal trainer, yoga instructor and pole dance instructor.

Traveling, scuba diving, camping, hiking, trying new restaurants. 

Outdoor activities:
I’m a water girl at heart. Anything in, on or around the water I love.

Favorite food:
Ooooh, tough one, I love to eat! Living here in SD I have developed a great love for tacos.

Favorite drink:
San Pellegrino with lime, sometimes on the rocks, sometimes straight up. 

Growing up
I started dancing when I was 9 years old and it quickly became my life. I spent most evenings after school in dance class. When I wasn’t dancing I was on the four-wheeler bombing down the rows of grape vines on my parents’ vineyard or playing in the bay.

After graduating with a degree in dance and moving to the Big Apple, I was looking for ways to help pay my rent and got my first job as a personal trainer. It totally fit, I found my passion for teaching people how to live healthy and happy lives as well as learning how to be my own boss and run my business. It is lucrative enough to support me while I follow my original passion as a performer. Unfortunately, there is not a lot of money in the contemporary dance arts world.

I do what I love and love what I do, all day, every day. Eat, exercise, yoga, dance, sleep, repeat.

Contact Cara for information on training and classes.