Wonderland Ocean Pub | 5083 Santa Monica Ave.  //  San Diego
Neighborhood: Ocean Beach | (619) 255-3358  //  WonderlandOB.com

by Steve Kang

ORIGIN: I grew up in Ramona, I lived in Canada, then I moved back to San Diego.

CREDENTIALS: Seven years. I started at the Madhatter Pub in Montreal as a shooter girl when I was 18 then became a bartender because the drinking age is 18 in Quebec. Then I started doing a lot of celebrity bartending. I was also voted best bartender in Montreal.  I moved back when I was 22 then worked at Baily’s Old Town Temecula and then Dublin Square in San Diego. Now I work at Bassmnt [club] and here [Wonderland Ocean Pub in Ocean Beach].

SHIFTS: I generally work Monday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday days.

WORDS OF WISDOM: My mom always said, “It doesn’t hurt if you don’t stop, the trick is to never come down.”

HISTORY: I grew up with a lot of sisters living in the country. I like to travel all the time and go to new places and get a tattoo every new place I go.  I’m working on becoming a licensed sky diver so I can jump wherever I go traveling. I have two dogs and a cat so it’s like a zoo when you walk into my place. I never want to grow up. I just want to have fun … that’s all that I do and care about. … Oh, and look at beautiful things.

SIGNATURE DRINK: Casamigos Blanco


Classic Greyhound
(Hank Birdwell’s Vodka, agave nectar, fresh pressed ruby red grapefruit)
Hand squeezed definitely makes a world of a difference. It’s FRESH and I like it, it’s so FRESH

Raspberry Gold Rush
(Dickel Whiskey, simple syrup, agave nectar, lemon, raspberries)
Real raspberries … yes!  It actually tastes like a liquid raspberry with actual floating raspberries. I’m not sure if I’m feeling metrosexual or lumbersexual right now. (Please see question No. 3 below.)

Black and Stormy
(I love our ginger beer and it’s a really pretty drink)
It starts off really pretty then it gets really ugly; well, that is if you drink more than one.



01  How many tats do you have and which is your favorite and why?
Brittinie Anderson: 17. My favorite is the one that says “Love, Mom” on my hand in her handwriting. She passed away last year.

02  Can you beat me in a beer chugging contest if you had a half-pint head start?
Yes, I am American.

03  Metrosexual or Lumbersexual
Neither, because I want a guy who can build me a house.

04  How many dates do you have to go on before a guy can fart in front of you?
Never, don’t ever do that because it’s not acceptable.

05  Why do you love Wonderland?
The epic view. It’s like a paradise whenever I work. All the customers are happy, too. You get a free shot at sunset so that everybody can take a minute to appreciate what life is about.


If you want to go to a casual beach bar where you can hang out with the locals or check out the droves of tourists, this is your spot. Interesting drinks and award-winning tacos certainly makes things more lively. The bar upstairs is fantastic on a nice sunny day.