Brian’s 24 Restaurant Bar and Grill

828 6th Ave., San Diego | Neighborhood: Gaslamp
(619) 702-8410 |

by Alyssa Thomas

Being the indecisive girl I can tend to be, it’s nearly impossible to make up my mind on where and what to eat. Especially in downtown San Diego. A hip place offering a little bit of everything at every time of day or night? Yes, please! This modern style diner offers a great selection of cocktails, wine and beer to go right along with their delectable food menu. Walking in to be seated by the lovely and upbeat owner Andrea had me feeling as if I was right at home.

Chicken & Waffles
(Delicious Belgian waffle and half a fried chicken)

Brian’s 24

The honey badger’s got nothing on the sweet and savory honey friend chicken and waffles. With one bite I can see why this is their best-selling entrée; they serve more than 1,000 plates a month! An entire half of chicken is served crispy and sweet on the outside with a juicy and tender center and paired to perfection with the light and fluffy Belgian waffle. Partner/Sister Andrea’s recommendation: Combine butter, syrup, waffle, chicken and some of their Louisiana hot sauce all together in one bite!

Paired with: House Mai-Tai on this sunny San Diego afternoon.

Brian’s 24 offers a full bar featuring talented bartenders who are happy to whip you up any drink your heart desires.

Krab Cake Benedict
(Golden brown krab cakes and two poached eggs on a split English muffin, topped with creamy hollandaise sauce)

Brian’s 24

The hollandaise and runny eggs melt perfectly with the crispy texture of the krab cake. We all know that Benedicts can tend to be a bit overpowering with richness, but the chef here has hit the perfect mark. Paired with crispy brown potatoes on the side, this dish is something that’ll get you moving in morning.

Paired with: House Bloody Mary.

This bad boy is served in a larger-than-life goblet stacked with all the fixins.

It’s sultry and spicy.

ABC Burger
(Half-pound patty topped with avocado, bacon, jack cheese and their own chipotle ranch sauce)

Brian’s 24

Hello, burger heaven! We’re talking a local sweet artisan bun from La Jolla Baking Co., and a FRESH not frozen patty that is made from a local San Diego butcher, ground specifically for Brian’s 24. Did I mention the insane portion of avocado and crispy, thick-cut bacon topped with oozy jack cheese? An all-around yum and perfect for sharing.

Paired with: Modern Times Black House Stout.

Who can say no to a good ol’ beer and burger?

Mediterranean Chicken
(Eight-ounce chicken breast topped with sautéed artichoke hearts, red onion, roasted peppers and roasted yellow tomatoes in a tangy white balsamic, finished with toasted parmesan and panko bread crumbs and paired with a wild rice blend)

Brian’s 24

This is a classic dish with a bold new kick. The chicken is prepared nicely, keeping the cluck nice and tender, while the sautéed artichoke hearts are really what set it off! Served with their homemade blend of wild rice and unforgettable Texas toast, seasoned to perfection with garlic powder and a sprinkle of cheese.

Paired with: Hess Select Sauvignon Blanc 2014.

The citrus and aromas and clean finish is the perfect accent to the fresh, light chicken dish.

The Joint
Between the fresh and updated look of the sleek bar, classic diner booths and crystal chandelier, the atmosphere of the restaurant is warm and welcoming. Brian’s 24 is a shared family business represented by San Diego locals themselves. It’s no wonder they knew exactly what the locals were looking for.