More than just a gym, Balanced Fitness and Health is downtown’s newest full-service health club. Co-founders Rodrigo Iglesias and Brian Kawano designed the facilities to give work-out aficionados all the tools, support and motivation for a healthy lifestyle. The state-of-the-art facilities offer services like personal training, group classes, functional fitness and the latest fitness-testing technology. Members also have access to certified trained professionals for personalized guidance and assistance to achieve fitness goals.

During our visit, Balanced Fitness’s trainers guided us through everything the gym provides.

Pilates: Silvia Giamanco showed us exercises on the Pilates reformer machine to improve our strength, flexibility and posture.

Functional Fitness: Brandon Michael demonstrated the sled and the battle ropes functional exercises (movements that are useful for everyday life) in Balanced Fitness’ indoor turf court.

Boxing: Using the double-end bag, Silvia showed us some of her kickboxing skills.

Metabolic Testing: We checked out the VO2 Max Testing using Balanced Fitness’ Korr Medical Cardio Coach Plus. This test showed us where our heart rate needs to be for a more efficient workout.

Rock Wall: Brandon helped us conquer downtown’s only indoor rock climbing wall by demonstrating some techniques and tricks.

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