By Bridget Najour

Putting together an outfit is easy. You do it every morning. Clean shirt, gently worn pants (come on, you don’t have to wash them after every wear … right?) and a pair of matching shoes. But a real put-together look is more than just the basics. Follow these simple accessory tips to make your look, and your life, even better.

Buckle Up
You may consider your belt the utilitarian part of your wardrobe, but it’s also the perfect way to pull a look together. Matching a brown or black leather belt to your shoes gives a polished edge while adding a colorful belt creates a relaxed look. Formal belts should be within a couple shades of your pants, for a monochromatic. Casual looks can get away with a contrasting color or pattern. And, unless you’re going for cowboy chic, avoid chunky buckles at all costs.

Time is Money
But it shouldn’t be THAT much money. When picking a watch, you don’t need a 14k gold watch to look classy. A stainless steel band with a colorful face is a sophisticated metallic option for a fraction of the cost. For a more casual take on your timepiece, swap out a metallic band for a distressed leather or a colorful grosgrain strap. For extra versatility, invest in a watch with an interchangeable band.

Don’t ruin your put together look with a foot long sport lanyard and the cheap Tecate bottle opener you got last Cinco de Mayo. If your key chain would make a janitor proud, it’s time for an update. Cut out the clutter and go sleek with the KeyOnPod. This lightweight aluminum ring is the Swiss Army Knife of keychains, organizing your keys and giving you the option to add a variety of gadgets including utility tools and, yes, a bottle opener. The KeyOnPod is available in a variety of colors and holds up to 6 keys or tools.

A Smarter Phone
Let’s face it, our phones are basically another appendage. You don’t leave home without it, and when you do you feel naked. So it’s only fitting your phone should reflect some style. But you don’t need to sacrifice function for fashion with a wallet case, available in an assortment of styles. The stylish brushed titanium Moshi case serves as a wallet, protective cover and a stand for your phone. For a sleeker option, the Wally Case by Distil Union combines a protective case with a slim leather wallet, while adding less than a half inch of width to your phone.