by Jeran Fraser

It’s 8 a.m. and you’re getting ready for the day. You just showered, shaved and you’re putting on your clothes, getting ready for the grind. The last part of your ensemble is your belt; it’s probably leather and looks like the same one your grandpa has worn for the last 30 years.

Enter Arcade Belts.

Arcade Belts happens to be a brand that has a simple philosophy: Make belts that are more comfortable, more durable and more useful. The company was started back in 2010 by a few guys out of North Lake Tahoe who have made San Diego their second home. They were tired of watching their leather belts stretch, crack and break from the harsh winter conditions on the slopes. From there the idea of Arcade Belts was born.

Since the company’s inception, it has grown dramatically and can now be found at several retailers across Southern California. As their line continues to grow, so does the idea of what a belt should be. As a big fan of the company, I own several of these belts and just so happen to leave the belts in my pants during a wash. I am not sure if that makes me lazy or brilliant. Either way, they wash well and lower my risk of a fashion malfunction, as I tend to miss loops.

Arcade Belts

Arcade’s founders David Bronkie, Tristan Queen and Cody Townsend are great friends who brought extremely unique talents into making Arcade Belts what it is today. Townsend is a professional skier and with his recent cover of Powder magazine has shown no letting up in his pro career. Bronkie, a.k.a. Bones, is one of those guys who makes you realize how smart you are not if you spend enough time with him. He’s a genius who has taken his background in engineering and implemented strategies and ideas to further grow Arcade. And Queen is the definition of boots on the ground. He defines the term work ethic and “no” is not an option in his vocabulary. These three guys make an incredible team and will undoubtedly find success as the company continues to grow at a rapid rate.

As Arcade expands their reach across the sports and active lifestyle market, we can expect to see new styles that will compete with the every day leather belt. In San Diego a tucked in shirt is frowned upon, except by our boss or the golf course marshal, so having another option makes wearing that Hugo Boss suit that much more enticing.

Keep your eyes out for this growing brand at a retailer near you or you can shop on their website at You’ve been forewarned, so don’t get caught wearing Grandpa Clyde’s belt next time you dress yourself.

Arcade Belts