By Steve Kang

Amy vs. Lucy    Closest to the pin

The Set Up:

– Hole #7 par 5 at the Crossings at Carlsbad

– We set up in a small clearing next to the signature waterfall at 60 yards out

– The flag was on the back right of the green on a small plateau

– The format was 1 round with 10 consecutive shots a piece

– 3 closest balls with the least amount of cumulative feet to the hole wins

-They are hitting from a 1’x2’ mat in muddy conditions

After she hits her first couple of shots, it’s clear Lucy is a ringer. She has nerves of steel and the giant rushing water fall right in front of her feet doesn’t even seem to phase her.

She gets a few very near the hole but because of the plateau, a few role back towards the front and a few role down the left side.

She only hits one off the green but it’s still in the first cut right of the back of the green.

Then she nails one just three feet away and sticks it.

Lucy ends up with nine balls on the green with her three closest ones at 15ft, 8ft, and 3ft which gives her a total of 26ft.

She seems a little nervous. Her first couple of shots plopped in the drink, one into the waterfall and one in the lake.

She is having difficulty figuring out if she wants to hit it off the tee or off the grass part of the mat.

She chooses the tee but it’s a bit too high for a lob wedge so it’s making her hit the ball just a bit too thin or just a bit too fat. She proceeds to hit another two balls into the water.

She finally turns the mat around and starts hitting it off the artificial grass side.

Boom, she lands the remaining six balls on the green.

Her three closest ones are 12ft, 10ft, and 7ft which gives her a total of  29ft

Looks like her slow start really cost her on this round

Lucy wins by three feet. I can’t believe how well they were hitting from that spot. A small  muddy clearing with a big waterfall just a few feet away from their feet, over a lake to a pin placement that is sitting high and right on a plateau in the back of the green. Furthermore, the mat they were using was something you might use to goof around in your backyard hitting into a net. To top it all off, it was also sprinkling. Good job ladies, in my opinion, you are both winners.