All Hands on Tech

Google OnHub Router

Price: $199


According to presenters: Smooth streaming and speedy downloads and an innovative antenna design and smart software work together to constantly optimize your connection and speaks in a language you can understand. OnHub communicates through the Google On App that makes setup quick. If there’s ever an issue with your Wi-Fi, it offers simple solutions to help and with Google, it just keeps getting better. OnHub is designed to support a growing number of smart devices, and automatic updates mean you’ll always have the latest new features and security upgrades and plenty of bandwidth when you need it. If you’re watching a movie marathon or uploading an important file on your laptop, you can prioritize that device for the fastest Wi-Fi speed when it matters most.

4L Magazine’s take:  As a person who often suffers through Sporadically Hesitant Infuriating Technology, I’d like to think Google is our friend in technology. And when I say Google, I can use that title interchangeably with SkyNet … our future robot overlord. **We Bow To Your Bytes**

Nebia Showerhead

Price: $249


According to presenters: Claiming a 70 percent water savings, Nebia is unlike any shower you’ve ever experienced. Their H2MICRO technology atomizes water into millions of droplets to create 10 times more surface area than a regular shower. More water comes in contact with your body leaving your skin feeling clean and hydrated. Nebia gives you the best of a steam room and an invigorating shower that revitalizes your skin and your soul. The warm and cozy embrace of water makes you feel clean, refreshed and ready to tackle your day head on.

4L Magazine’s take:  Since California is quickly becoming the surface of the Sun and it’s currently 89 degrees in my room as I write this, I think saving some water and getting a misting shower could be a smart purchase. Plus, I’m sure you’d get a few tax incentives. Like not sending the Water Gestapo to your house to measure your sprinkler runoff as you try in vain to resuscitate your quickly dying front lawn.

Spania GTA Spano (2013 model)

Price: $725,000


According to presenters: After 20 years of top automobile motor sport, Spania GTA decided to take one step forward and build a super-sports car that combines all the automobile technology with perfect sportsmanship, elegance and exclusivity. As a sign of its exclusivity, only 99 models of this extraordinary super-sports car will be built to order and several world patents have been obtained…

4L Magazine’s take: Just like `90s TV character

Jessie Spano (Saved by the Bell), this car has

been known to (take) speed and associate with obnoxious douchebags. I’m looking at you,

AC Slater.


Price: $13


According to presenters: Tacopedia is an encyclopedic tribute to the vibrancy of Mexican taco culture. Explore one of Mexico’s most popular culinary traditions through 100 recipes accompanied by interviews, street and food photography, illustrations, graphics, and maps that bring the full story behind each taco to life.

4L Magazine’s take:  According to the latest U.S. poll that never really took place and I’m creating out of thin air, San Diego is ground zero for all things taco. Proof you say? Sure, here’s a book about it. And not to worry folks, this book includes pictures.

9.5 Foot Remote Controlled Bald Eagle

Price: $500


According to presenters: This is the remote controlled bald eagle with a 9 1/2-foot wingspan that catches the wind for broad, soaring turns. It is powered by a gimbal-mounted engine and propeller that provide nimble, multi-directional vector movement which replicates the bird of prey’s agile turns and dives. The natural curvature of the nylon/polyester wings creates an airfoil that provides lift for the carbon fiber frame and wing struts. The transmitter controls the eagle up to 500 feet away; trim controls allow fine adjustment to left, right, up and down thrust of the propeller. Once basic soaring is mastered, it can also perform loops and with just the right touch of the throttle, it can even hover in-place against the wind. The included rechargeable lithium battery enables flights up to eight minutes and recharges easily from the included charger in 20 minutes; transmitter requires eight AA batteries.

4L Magazine’s take: `Murica. Like mom, apple pie and thinly veiled racism from an elderly relative at Thanksgiving. Why? Because we can.

Balloon Capsule Ride to the Edge of Earth

Price: $75,000


According to presenters: At World View Enterprises Inc., they’re pioneering a new frontier at the edge of space. Their vision is to take voyagers (be they private individuals or those traveling for research, educational or other scientific pursuits) on the journey of a lifetime. With their proprietary high-altitude balloons, World View offers an accessible, affordable way to access near space….

4L Magazine’s take: I mentioned this to a friend, and his only comment was wanting to urinate on Earth from space. Yep, that’s just a small sampling of the creatively gifted people I’m choosing to surround myself with. (World View Enterprises could not be reached for comment on the rules for Space Peeing™.)