All Hands On Tech

by Cory Waterhouse

Lily Throw-and-Shoot Drone

Price: $500

all hands on techAccording to presenters: “Built-in lithium-ion battery, 20 minutes of flight time, charging via 5A charger, 2-hour charge time, IP67 waterproofing, with 1080p video quality and a 50-foot ceiling for height.”

4L Magazine’s take:  I think the term is “Throw and Go,” but this drone brings it to a whole other level. You keep the little hockey puck “tracker” in your pocket, and Lily follows you around for 20 minutes at up to 25 mph.  If you watch the video demonstrations, it looks like something from an action-adventure movie or spy flick. Which means the military has most likely had drones like this for 50 years. That explains the UFOs. Or does it, Mulder? 


Powerwall Tesla Home Battery

Price: $3K

all hands on techAccording to presenters: “Powerwall is a home battery that charges using electricity generated from solar panels, or when utility rates are low, and powers your home in the evening. It also fortifies your home against power outages by providing a backup electricity supply. Automated, compact and simple to install, Powerwall offers independence from the utility grid and the security of an emergency backup.”

4L Magazine’s take:  Elon Musk is doing some amazing things lately, and the Powerwall is just one of them. Not to mention he has one of the coolest sounding companies.

Little known (possible) Nikola Tesla fact: He was allegedly born during a lightning storm.

Well known Elon Musk fact: He’s worth an estimated $12 billion. With a B.

Infiniti Vision GT Concept

Price: TBA

all-hands-on-techAccording to presenters: “If it looks like it belongs in a video game, that’s because it was designed for one. The Infiniti Vision GT Concept has made the transition from your screen to the showroom. Designed in conjunction with the people behind Gran Turismo, it started as a download for GT6 on the PS3 but has now appeared in the real world with all the mind-blowing beauty.”

4L Magazine’s take: This car definitely looks like something from a video game … or the future. Or a future video game where I will never be cool enough to drive a car like this. 

When to Rob a Bank … And 131 More Warped Suggestions and Well-Intended Rants

by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner

Price: $13

all hands on techAccording to presenters: “In celebration of the 10th anniversary of the landmark book Freakonomics comes this curated collection from the most readable economics blog in the universe. It’s the perfect solution for the millions of readers who love all things Freakonomics. Surprising and erudite, eloquent and witty, When to Rob a Bank demonstrates the brilliance that has made the Freakonomics guys an international sensation, with more than 7 million books sold in 40 languages, and 150 million downloads of their Freakonomics Radio podcast.”

4L Magazine’s take:  Some funny stuff by a few really smart guys who know how to be funny without being obnoxious about it. Highly recommended if you’ve read Freakonomics.

High Camp Trailers

Price: $15K

all hands on techAccording to presenters: “High Camp Trailers designs and builds classic yet modern teardrop camping trailers. Each trailer is built with care and attention to every detail. They produce a limited number of trailers each year and take great pride in each one. You too will feel that pride of ownership every time you attract a small group of onlookers wanting a quick tour of your streamlined Teardrop trailer.”

4L Magazine’s take:

Nothing says summer getaway like hitching up your shiny trailer and taking to the roads. Stay away from truck stops with the word “Roadkill” in the name, and keep an ear attuned to any banjo music. That would make your trip worse than the roadkill surprise.


Price: $$50 and up 

all hands on techAccording to presenters: “The first modular smartphone case, nexpaq allows you to easily customize, enhance and add features to your smartphone through the case. To put it simply: You can add and remove physical ‘modules’ (think Lego bricks with special powers) directly from the back of your case without powering down. It’s time to allow your phone to do things it was really made for. Unlimited potential all in the palm of your hand.”

4L Magazine’s take: This seems like a fairly logical next step … the FrankenPhone. Piece together what you’re going to need for the day, and go about being awesome. I think this is when Apple and Samsung finally have an opening to admit to their torturous love affair and merge with their new SamSApple Galaxy iNote. Coming to a mall kiosk near you …