All Hands On Tech

By Cory Waterhouse

kSafe | Price: $90


According to presenters: “Once the timer is set, and the button is pressed, the safe will remain locked until the timer reaches zero. No overrides! Set Goals: The app allows you to choose between activity, location or time goals. Track Progress: Keep your eye on the prize by visualizing your progress. View History: Review past goals, accumulated stats and choose to share your accomplishments with friends. Password Lock: This one’s for you parents, roommates and employees with hungry coworkers. No Tools Required: Sync with your favorite fitness trackers, like Fitbit or Jawbone, or let your smartphone count your steps (requires iPhone 5s or higher).”

4L Magazine’s take:  I think this item can be advertised to guys who have wives or girlfriends who rarely put their phones down during a movie. I’d like to put my wife’s cell phone in the kSafe and set the timer for two hours just to see her twitch and foam at the mouth when she’s not able to access her precious for an entire movie. But then again, she’d say the same thing about me, so this is a moot point (he says because she’s actually reading this over his shoulder).

Star Wars All-Over-Print Work Shirt | Price: $50


According to presenters: “This adult Star Wars work shirt is an officially licensed product and features a cool Schematic Blue Prints all-over design printed on soft 100 percent rayon. This work shirt features a fabric fold-down collar, buttoned front (with metal Imperial logo buttons) and stunning all-over printing.”

4L Magazine’s take:  In any kind of nerdish environment, it’s always important to be ever vigilant in protecting your Star Wars territory and establish dominance with the pointy-eared troglodytes who call themselves “Trekkies.” I’ll match up my 2015 Han Solo versus your 2015 Captain James Tiberius Kirk any day. Questions?

Quant nanoFlowcell e-Sportlimousine | Price: TBA


(though rumored to be around $2 million)

According to presenters: “The new Quant e-Sportlimousine is the first prototype built around the groundbreaking nanoFlowcell powertrain and energy-storage concept. It marks a quantum leap in the development of electric mobility … The heart

of the Quant e-Sportlimousine prototype is the nanoFlowcell battery. It gives the car a driving range of 370 miles…”

4L Magazine’s take: Another car I will most likely never see, let alone sit in but how can you not stare at this beautiful beast of an automobile? Yes, I know it’s a bit pricey, but isn’t that why we all rob banks and run hedge funds? Hello? 

The Lawn Bible: How to Keep It Green, Groomed, and Growing Every Season of the Year | Price: $13


According to presenters: “Everyone wants a green lawn, but how do you actually get one? Bags of fertilizer? Weed killer sod? What about mowing? Everyone knows how to, but do you really know when to? Fenway Park’s master groundskeeper David Mellor does. He’s been caring for some of the nicest lawns around for years. In The Lawn Bible, Mellor offers you everything you need to know about lawn care for your part of the country, including planting, mowing, feeding and troubleshooting as well as tips, illustrations and anecdotes.”

4L Magazine’s take: Any person worth their fertilizer has to take pride in their perfectly kept, luxuriously green front lawn. Oh, we live in California, you say? And we’re only going to be allotted about three teaspoons of water for irrigation every week? Semantics. It actually rained on the day I wrote this, so I can only take that as a sign you should buy this book and wear black socks and shorts while maintaining your beautiful green perfection.

GolfBoard | Price: $6,500


According to presenters: “GolfBoard is undeniably the most exciting and enjoyable way to experience any course. Easy to learn, safe and exciting, GolfBoard can be mastered by most anyone in just a few minutes. After just a few holes, you will quickly agree that GolfBoard is by far the most fun you have ever had on a golf course. GolfBoard eliminates the sedentary activity of sitting in a cart while improving speed of play, reducing turf wear and offering golfers the chance to experience the natural terrain in ways previously reserved for surfers and snowboarders. Already embraced by golf courses and players worldwide, GolfBoard is certain to attract a whole new audience looking to discover golf but in a whole new way.”

4L Magazine’s take:

Nothing says “totally negating the exercise you get from walking 18 holes on a golf course” than this little beauty, but who cares? You can zoom off, annoying all the rest of those stuffy grumps in ugly shirts. But then you end up having to answer the same questions … who are you?

Are you a member? Why aren’t you wearing pants?

Viva la GolfBoard!

Trefecta DRT | Price: $7,000 


According to presenters: “Trefecta’s aim is to create the game instead of changing it. By focusing on true innovation, they create the norm and set the standard for the [electric bicycle] products of tomorrow. In their opinion the only way to truly differentiate is to start with a clean sheet. This way they stand out from the crowd and make the impact envisioned from the start. This vision translates itself in both the product as well as their business model. The Trefecta claims a new category of vehicles. Through advanced engineering and intelligent design, they aim to develop unsurpassed excellence. The unique interaction between design, power and function results in a multi-purposed vehicle, ultimately providing a riding experience, freedom of any constraints and customized to every need.”

4L Magazine’s take: Seems like the type of bike that might get me arrested or kill me at some point. I think once the robot overlords take over, this will be the bike I use to deliver their mail. Or I guess they’d probably have email. In my head, the robots just turned into families from the 1950s. I think I watched too many episodes of The Jetsons as a kid. Go Robots!