Welcome to Four El Magazine, San Diego’s premier magazine for the distinguished, or on very rare occasions, not so distinguished, gentleman.

The idea for “Four EL” was created on one of those glorious California evenings with three of my closest friends, enjoying one of our favorite past times; having a pint of Sculpin IPA at one of our favorite local watering holes. With each pint the conversation became more spirited, the concept became more and more brilliant, and by the end of the night “Four EL” was born.

During the course of that mostly memorable evening, we came to an interesting conclusion. While there are several great men’s lifestyle magazines, and an equally impressive number of men’s fitness magazines, there was not one definitive magazine that encompassed everything, written for normal guys like us. So, that became our vision. Create a magazine written for the everyday man, but with a local spin dedicated to San Diego. This magazine combines men’s lifestyle, health, humor, fitness and general interests while celebrating America’s finest city and everything we love about it.

Our philosophy as Four EL is very simple: To make a positive impact and better the lives of our readers through well written, entertaining, informative and interesting topics that pertain to everyday life. We live in a digital society dominated by social media, and at times we can get lost or become slaves to our jobs.

To that we say: slow down, smell the roses, and focus on the things that really matter; our families, children, relationships, getting active, staying fit and most important, keeping our sanity. In short, work to live, instead of living to work. This magazine is for the man who, simply put, subscribes to a basic four word mantra: Live, Love, Laugh, Learn.

As you flip through the pages of Four EL, you’ll find interesting and diverse content. Each issue will include two or three in-depth pieces that cover a wide variety of San Diego centric topics. These features will be supplemented by a staggering number of monthly columns, from health and fitness to relationships, finances, sports, and what to do in San Diego, including all of the up and coming social events, concerts, sporting events and everything in between. The really great part is that all of this content will center around this amazing city that we are fortunate enough to call home.

You’ll also notice the product itself; Extra high quality paper, brilliant color, and sophisticated photography and design. We’re also green: Four EL is printed on FSC certified, 10% pcw paper, and all inks and chemicals are ultra low VOC, BACT certified materials. We strive to put the most environmentally sustainable product possible in your hands.

As for the people behind the scenes, well, that’s another story. Four EL is the brainchild of Chris, Steve, Pete and John. Each successful in our own right, we have a restaurateur, a photographer, a manufacturer, and an owner of very successful clothing distribution company. We even have a former pro surfer. (Although you’d never guess by looking at him now) Some of us are married, some are single, and three of us have children. In short, we’re everyday guys trying to be healthy, happy and the best men we can be, just like you. We’re four very close friends from different backgrounds, with a single passion and goal: to bring you, the reader, the best written, most interesting magazine available. If you learn a little something and get a laugh out of it at the same time, well, then we’ve done our job.

In closing, we recognize that if you’re reading this, you’ve taken time out of your busy day to stop and have a look. Let us be the first to say: thanks and welcome aboard. This is going to be a fun ride.

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