2014 Tavern & Pubs

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“Beer anyone? Not only do they serve up a ton of beers, their menu items are inspired by beer as well as uses beer for ingredients. For a true beer loving experience, come in and have a drink and a meal. Afterwards, stay because it’s the hottest bar in the Gaslamp. This place is always happening.”

600 5th Ave., Gaslamp
(619) 255-7373 • Barleymash.com

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“Barrel Republic is the Mecca for craft beer lovers to come for freedom: the freedom to pour, freedom to compare, freedom to be amongst other like minded craft beer enthusiasts. Located in the heart of the craft beer Capitol of the United States, San Diego, Barrel Republic has 44 craft beers and gives all of its patrons the privilege to pour their own beer.”

1261 Garnet Ave., Pacific Beach
(858) 270-9922 • BarrelrePublic.com

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Remember the movie? Hot chicks dancing on the bar while you’re chugging beer? Yes, this is that place. They have all the beer you want and they have food too. But the real “kicker” is that you get some eye candy entertainment for your enjoyment.

820 5th Ave., Gaslamp
(619) 308-8459 • CoyoteUglySaloon.com

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“They actually make beer cocktails. This reason alone should make you want to check it out. When you’re ready to go pee pee, be prepared to pee pee your pants because they play a audio loop of their bad Yelp reviews spoken by a serious voice….haha!”

675 W Beech St., Little Italy
619) 269-2202 • Craft-Commerce.com

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“Located directly on the Mission Beach boardwalk, Draft is serving up 69 beers on tap and 30+ bottles pairing the surf and sand with a wide variety of craft beers. But the appeal doesn’t stop at the #brewsandviews”

3146 Mission Blvd., Mission Beach • (858) 228-9283

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“Looking for beers from around the world in North County? Look no further. This cozy joint has 32 taps of both international and local beers, and microbrews. They also have fantastic unique burgers so you don’t have to move an inch to also get delicious grub.”

1044 South Coast Hwy. 101, Encinitas
(760) 943-7180 • EncinitasAlehouse.com

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“As the mother bar to Small Bar and Monkey Paw, Hamilton’s delivers by keeping it classic and old school. It’s dimly lit, filled with locals, and with a staff that really knows what they are talking about.”

1521 30th St., South Park
(619) 238-5460 • HamiltonsTavern.com

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“The new addition to the block blew us away in our restaurant review this month. Their craft cocktail menu is great and so is their beer selection. This is a place that you definitely have to try and if you do, I bet you will try, try, and try them again.”

208 S. Coast Hwy., Oceanside
(760) 231-6278 • MastersOceanside.com

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“Neighborhood set out to counter the dominance of Crap Beer in the local social, and dining landscape. As a pioneer in the proliferation of San Diego’s “gastropub culture”, Neighborhood fights the perception of what a beer establishment can and should be – successfully combining quality beer, locally sourced food, and intelligent design.”

777 G St., Gaslamp
(619) 446-0002 • NeighborhoodSD.com

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“This place is so good that we did our Beat and Eats feature on it this month. They have an amazing selection of beers with amazing deals.”

2218 Cable St., Ocean Beach
(619) 450-6868 • OBNoodleHouse.com

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“One of the original San Diego beer bars that brought craft beers to the public. You can argue that they may have the best beer selection in all of San Diego. If you get a chance to chat with owner/operator Ivan, you will soon find out how refined his beer palate really is and he accepts nothing less for his establishment.”

887 West San Marcos Blvd., San Marcos
(760) 471-8773 • ChurchillsPub.us

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This San Diego institution has been around since the beginning. At first glance, it seems like any other pub around town. When you take a closer look, you realize that its’ popularity and history is backed up by their wide selection of beer offerings from around the world.”

4646 Convoy St., Kearny Mesa
(858) 715-1745 • OBriensPub.net

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“Their impressive 43 tap system of Belgians, Germans, and microbrews from all around the United States is rivaled by their mega-selection of 350 bottles. Come and enjoy some of their specialty and limited release bottles and you will feel like the King of beers, but please don’t start calling yourself Bud.”

830 Kline St., La Jolla • (858) 551-9210 • The-PublicHouse.com
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“They are a quaint little joint nestled in Leucadia boasting a fine selection of Craft Beer, as well as a complete menu of artisan sausages and other delectable items.”

996 N. Coast Hwy. 101, Encinitas
(760) 479-2337 • RegalSeagull.com

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“Why drink over-commercialized, unexciting, yellow fizzy beer when there’s so much delicious, locally brewed, San Diego craft beer available? Putting San Diego craft beer on tap helps your local economy, supports job growth and allows your business to offer a more unique product.”

1735 Hancock St., #1, San Diego
(619) 333-8512 • TheBrewProject.com

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“Owner / operator Lisa Belasco offers 20 beers on tap and 20 bottles. Her knowledgeable staff will help you pick out the perfect brew on those hot summer days as well as those cold winter nights. This Encinitas local waterhole has plenty of room at the large u shaped bar to enjoy a few several pints or plenty of tables for family night where you can sneak in a pint or two during dinner. Don’t forget to enter their annual charity golf tournament supporting the communities of Solana Beach, Cardiff, Encinitas, and Leaucadia”

967 S. Coast Hwy. 101, Encinitas
(760) 479-1657 • Lumberyard101.com

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Every wonder how to choose the right beer? Well a good way is to go to a place where they have narrowed it down for you. Lee Chase, formerly of Stone Brewing, currently of Automatic Brewing only puts beers on tap that he finds interesting and worth while. If you’re looking for a little guidance or already know that his beers on tap are what you should be drinking, go to Tiger Tiger.

3025 El Cajon Blvd., North Park
(619) 487-0401 • TigerTigerTavern.blogspot.com

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“How can you go wrong with almost 50 beers on tap? They have to have a beer that you like. If you’re unsure what you’re in the mood for or want to just be a little beer adventurous, stop by and have a beer or 50.”

1269 Garnet Ave., Pacific Beach
(858) 274-1010 • SDTaproom.com

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“You have to come here for three reasons. Firstly, they have a bunch of handles. Secondly, you can get a private tap and one of their tables. Lastly, everything is ½ off during their happy hour.”

1200 Garnet Ave., Pacific Beach
(858) 272-6066 • TavernAtTheBeach.com
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“One of the original gastro pubs to hit North County, the Compass has been going strong for years. What’s the reason? They have great management, super attractive and friendly staff members, great selection of beers, and awesome food. This place is so alive that you completely forget that they don’t even have televisions. So put down your phone and say hi to your neighbor.”

300 Carlsbad Village Dr., #202, Carlsbad
(760) 434-1900 • TheCompassCarlsbad.com
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“When you look up at their nicely organized beer menu, it’s easy to make a decision by compartmentalizing your thoughts. If you’re a rookie or just super indecisive, the bartender will guide you along your way through their large number of choices until you arrive at your beer destination of choice.”

4026 30th St., North Park
(619) 282-0456 • ToronadoSD.com

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